The sun shines, having no alternative, on the living and the dead – a misquote
between Joyce and Beckett, but in any case a sniff at the curious difficulty of
dying. Death isn't the end, and if you're medieval Christian or technopagan, and
if the afterlife looks like a painted ...

The text cheerfully suggests that the digital age has come
to an end and that we are about to enter the 'memetic age'.
The reductive ideology of the binary code that ruled the
digital age has been superseded by a first glimps of
polymorphous, heterogeneous singularities called 'memes'.

The author ...

Most people will only think about the current situation in
Eastern Europe and Russia in objective terms: The lines are
bad, the computers might be old, there will be no money,
perhaps there is no proper training for the electronic
artists-to-be, not enough bandwith, too expensive access
providers, etc.

All ...

b l a s t h a u s g a l l e r y
s a n f r a n c i s c o

was founded in april, 1995 as a venue for
artists using technology and new media.

for more info, please contact
email: blasthaus ...

The Moscow art scene is getting destroyed. Career artists
are escaping to the West. You can meet them in Berlin or
Amsterdam. Many of the artists who stay here are having to
change their occupation since there is no longer any state
support and it's practically impossible to find a ...

Art on the net - expansion, repetition or regession?

An IRC-happening discussing the new situation for art after the Internet was established.
The chat will be held on the 4th of March 1996 18.00 Norwegian time.

Adress on IRC: #apart

-What's new in presenting art on the net?
-What makes ...

Friday was art day at MILIA. The onslaught started at noon with a keynote
address by Laurie Anderson, who spent exactly one hour telling stories
about technology. On the way out I heard a guy in a suit say that it was
the most disorganized talk she'd ever heard. I ...

Throughout the work of Andreas Troeger, a German artist living and working
in New York City, the power of the immediacy of the image has consistently
been put to arresting use. His short films and video installations - most
significantly, Path, documenting the everyday and every nightlife of a
pathology lab ...

The Next 5 Minutes Tactical Media Conference
Amsterdam & Rotterdam January 18-21 1996

The Next 5 Minutes Conference in Amsterdam (January 18-21 1996)
brought together a mix of political activists, on the edge practitioners
and just pure nutters from all over the planet for three days of debate,
planning, exhibition ...