"icon aid" Workshop for the International Design Conference in Aspen 1996

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In the workshop "icon aid" we call upon Web designers to create free navigational
symbols and images for use in individual publishing or home pages. A large part
of the excitement from the Web stems from ...


Entering Heath Bunting's site via the front door (http://www.cybercafe.org),
you're reminded that, in terms of form at least, an essential element of comedy
is timing. Very few of the very many pages here exceed 3K, and for that alone, Bunting
deserves some sort of grant from ...

At the recommendation of a friend, I just checked out "Implicate Beauty:
Computational Art by Brian Evans"

People often ask me what new media art is. I usually say that it's
contemporary art that uses new media technology. It's an easy ...

perhaps now three modes of the subject in the guise of friend, neighbour
and lover; and three parallel sociabilities of knowledge, economy and art:
knowledge called forth, economy compelled by desire and a yielding to
art's gravity;

thus the universalized homosociality of unitary modern man gives way under
stress to ...


Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
Submission deadline: 30 October 1996.

We are seeking papers relating to research projects or case studies
on media technology and theory.
Papers addressing the work of people such as Deleuze and
Guattari, Paul Virilio, Donna Harroway, Pierre Levy ...



There is a point, of course, to attaching names to the periods stacked
back to back in time like dusty books on a shelf, no matter how nitpicky we
get when it comes to defining the distinctions between them. We lived
differently in each and we thought differently ...

The human being, characterized by a remarkable ability to process information, has extended
his phenotype further than any other species. Complex tools and technologies are an integral
part of our evolutionary "fitness".

Human evolution is fundamentally intertwined with technological development; the two can not
be considered apart from one another ...

In Hungary and perhaps elsewhere it seems that one finds artists using
"new media" as a medium in two ways: the first group is interested and
involved with the medium as subject itself, exploring and pushing the
medium within its own boundaries; the second takes more from the "outside"
and ...


Connect to http://dougal.derby.ac.uk/seanc/votn/ and type a message in the
box. Whatever you leave will be automatically spoken by computer through a
PA system in the School of Art and Design at the University of Derby. All
postings will be kept ...

Amidst all the commerical dross with flashy new
graphic bells and whistles are some few places
with content of great intrinsic value.

Trin T. Min Hah is an ex-patriate Vietnamese
filmmaker whose experimental work in visual anthropolgy
I have always found highly challenging and rewarding.

Her first venture into the ...

The sun shines, having no alternative, on the living and the dead – a misquote
between Joyce and Beckett, but in any case a sniff at the curious difficulty of
dying. Death isn't the end, and if you're medieval Christian or technopagan, and
if the afterlife looks like a painted ...

The Program is called Art Dirt. It is on the Pseudo Radio Network http://
pon.pseudo.com It uses Real Audio for the sound digitizing & playback. It is live
streamed 1pm-2pm on Fridays. After that the shows are archived immediately &
put up on the site. In order to ...

internet is an open space where the difference between "art" and "not
art" has become blurred as never before in XX century. that's why there
are so few "artists" in this space. there is possibility of
misinterpretation and loss of "artistic" identity here. this might be
welcome. there are no ...

Ars Electronica 96

"Memes describe cultural units of information, cognitive
behavioral patterns that propagate and replicate themselves through
communication …the discussion is intended to probe specific segments of
the techno-cultural revolution against the background of the idea of a
"culturally based history of creation". -Gerfried ...

Morning all:
The subject line is pasted from Armin's nice note on typographically animated
pictogram language and the new media. And as to


This is the challenge set, at the time of the invention of cinema, in mallarme's
poem On the Tomb of Edgar Allan ...

Word hacking - Writing in Cyberspace

There are people who say that through computers and multimedia the
Gutenberg Galaxy is replaced by a world, where visual and auditive
media are taking over and being used for storage of knowledge, for
communication, for exchange of thought. Maybe they are right in the ...