Call For Participation!

February 24-26, 1997
March 17-19, 1997
Hyatt Regency, Monterey California, USA

Announcing VRML 97, a technical symposium focusing upon the research,
technology, and applications of VRML, the Virtual Reality Modeling Language.

VRML 97 will be a 3-day technical forum including courses and in-depth
workshop discussions on ...

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for your interest in our project
<saved ideas>/<idealike ideas>.

Who are we?
25 artists/scientist and producers of "culture", trying to build up
an alternative art forum and to promote artists, who's ideas are
neglected on the art market. We try to realize ...


Kenseth Armstead asked:
What are your favorite sites for viewing design? How have your experiences
as a commercial designer affected your notion of new media art in general?

khyal braun, partner, blowtorch responded:

NeW mEdIa InFlUeNcEs, NoT wHaT yOu'D eXpEcT


I am looking, bored, as pixels gather ...

I'm thinking about identification again.

In traditional film and video, the viewer attempts [or is encouraged] to
emotionally identify with the characters they watch on the screen – usually
with the protagonist, antagonist, etc…

In real life, however, we generally don't walk around watching people,
looking for someone to be ...

>From the 24th of August until the first of September 1996 there will be the
2nd International Festival of Computer Arts

Interactive Technology suddenly begins to require governing
bureaucracies to be accountable to more than special-interest lobbies.
Other essential cultures will take longer to free themselves from
similarily imposed sanctions; keeping the channels of disbelief open will
only assist the maturation process. This is even apparent in the
academe-art-world where it ...

October 3-13: All over the city, from the Smolny Cathedral to
the Museum of Political History, on canals and train tracks, the IV St.
Petersburg Biennale will offer a program of contemporary art.
It will include new media, video, photography, installation,
performance/actions, as well as a 3-day conference, all ...


Proyecto de exposici

One of the curious effects of National Lottery funding for major
arts projects is that it precipitates crises which have been kept in
balance (occasionally for decades) by the absence of cash. Such is the
case with the Tate, the national collection of British, modern and
contemporary art. For twenty ...

What Is Performance Art? A Digital Intermedia Project

Call for artists: The PAF is paying modest artist fees for any digital
work related to performance art. Images, text, interactive pieces,
digitized video, audio, anything that has been digitized and can be
displayed on the World Wide Web. Any aspect of ...

Imagine your computer goes nuts. I'm not talking about the usual data blips
and all out crashes - I'm talking genuine human psychosis. This seems to
have been the premise behind a one-time only performance on August 8 '96 at
the arena here in Berlin, part of an ongoing series entitled ...

We are pleased to announce the first in a series of Virtual Seminars
by the accomplished artist, Kenneth R. Turner. A Virtual Seminar is
a professional presentation using your favorite HTML Browser on your
personal computer and accessing audio via your telephone. To
synchronize multiple sites around the world the ...


CONTACT: Kevin Duggan (212) 366-6900 ext. 231
August 1996


The New York Foundation for the Arts announces the creation of a new
"Computer Arts" category within its Artists' Fellowship Program. Awards
of $7,000 will ...

G.H. Hovagimyan wrote:
I've just put up some Quicktimes on my Faux Conceptual Art page. You
need to have Netscape Navigator 3.0 with a quicktime plug-in to view the
embedded movies. The files total 1274k and take about 7 minutes to load
with a 28.8 modem. I'm ...

Recently Joseph Nechvatal posted an essay announcing his BBS, IMMERSIVE
to RHIZOME RAW. His essay can also be found in the <a
href="" target="_top">RHIZOME CONTENTBASE</a> by
searching on the keyword "immersion ...

Announcing the on-line publication of:

*Face Value*

Notes on social media and self-exchange.

Join the "Face Value" discussion group by sending mail to

If you find "Face Value" of interest, please post this information or
forward the URL to your colleagues and friends. Thank you for your ...