This week we are breaking our one message per week rule to give you a
special edition of RHIZOME DIGEST, produced in collaboration with the
Telepolis Journal, for EMAF (the European Media Art Festival) in
Osnabrueck, Germany.

For more information, images and texts about EMAF, please check out ...

EMAF '96 has a longstanding position in the media art scene of Europe,
and for more than a decade has brought together the various disciplines
in a week-long international get-together of artists, curators and
critics. The festival has always tried to include what is popularly
called *state of the art ...

Gusztav Hamos, the well known Hungarian born TV, film and video maker –
he has lived in Germany since childhood – brought his new computer
generated installation work MOBIUS CIRCUS to EMAF. Originally presented
in Budapest at the Butterfly Effect (connect to http://c3.hu), MOBIUS
CIRCUS was a visually ...

On 9.9.96 Marie Ringler wrote:

I agree with Boris Groendahl: the Ars Electronica Center is quite
disappointing. It's crammed with too many gadgets, and not enough space
is devoted to reflection. But yes, I admit I also liked the CAVE. Not
for it's content and graphics, but for ...

International Festival of Live Performance and Time Based Media


For this year's ROOT festival aptly named SKINT Hull Time Based Arts and
the Ferens have challenged artists to take a look at money, poverty,
wealth and ...

With the simultaneous opening of the exhibition "alt.youth.media" at the
New Museum of Contemporary Art, and the "Mediascape" exhibition at the
Soho Guggenheim, inaugurating this museum's new commitment to new media
arts, the entire season-opening weekend in the New York Soho art world
seemed saturated by an interest ...

*EMAF Osnabrueck
*September 12-15

The online journal telepolis is creating an open working situation at
the EMAF Festival in Osnabrueck. The NEWSROOM is an attempt to create a
new kind of journalism by example while demystifying the process ...

INTIMA Virtual Base - Creative Intimate Laboratory

is an artistic institution which unites people dealing in different
creative media and forms of activity essential for such an institution
to function: contemporary performing arts, radio and sound projects,
performance art theory, body related theory and women studies, music,
dance and choreography, philosophy ...

The following was posted to the Board at Rewired, and I thought I'd pass
it on:

– Contact –

Posted by: Igor Stromajer on September 10, 1996 at 04:50:47 PM PDT:

INTIMA Virtual Base / Creative Intimate Laboratory

Thank you very much for all informations and pleasure that ...

"I have far too long dragged a body around with me." Joseph Beuys

Welcome to Bodies

One month to go before THE INCIDENT
at the ICA, London, England October 11-15 1996.

SEE OUR WEB PAGE NOW: http://www.illumin.co.uk/ica/incident/

THE INCIDENT is a major encounter between artists, technologists and
visionaries exploring phenomena as a significant part of contemporary
culture. Conference (Oct 12-13 ...

Des nouvelles de France

Here too there is an electronic scene but the French are very cautious
about the Internet. They see in it the great American Satan–and you
know we already have the "Minitel" (unfortunately "franco-French" and
very poor for feedback)! As for art, that is my object of ...

**A short email dialogue between Marie Ringler (Institute for New Culture
Technologies, www.t0.or.at, Vienna) and Hari Kunzru (Wired, London) about
Ars Electronica 1996, Linz/A.**

Marie Ringler wrote:
Generally speaking I'd say the symposium was just as unsatisfying as
big conferences usually are. Most lectures circled around ...

International Meeting on the Documentation of Media Art in Central,
Eastern and South Eastern Europe

18 and 20 September, 1996
Rotterdam, Theater Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 133

The Meeting will be presented in two parts:

Wednesday 18 Sept, a public session which will include presentations on
the history of media art ...

Siggraph 96 took place in New Orleans. It is still one of the most
important, if not THE most important conference on computer graphics and
animation. The images and animations shown at Siggraph proved one more
time to what infantility and monstrosity the human mind is able if it is ...

***MEDIA AND ETHICS of the contemporary critique:
***Helsinki, September 12th-14th, 1996

The symposium in Helsinki will be a gathering of critics and artists
from the Baltic Sea countries and the surrounding region. The main topic ...