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Thursday October 24

The architecture and social anthropology of entertainment ...

Alex Galloway wrote:


I am in the middle of a writing project and I thought the community out
there could give me some good feedback on several questions I have
concerning computer fonts and the electro-digital transfer of textual
information (i.e. email, the internet, etc).

I am ...

Some Further thoughts on Electronic Art…in relation to ISEA/DEAF

At ISEA/DEAF so much focus was placed on 'interaction' that many notions
like content, aesthetics etc… ran secondary to the nature of this
interaction… A lot of work looked at interaction in different ways,
beyond the keyboard and mouse ...

Stalinistic limitations on the possibilities of network names are a
legacy of the cold war mentality which exists in the current "domain"
name system (DNS) of the internet.

The "organizational" nature of net names reflect the bureaucratic,
militaristic mindset of the centralized agency, InterNIC, now operating
as a private, highly ...


letting you know about Fundamentals of Flava - Illbassmentals, a sound
installation by Cultural Alchemy/SoundLab with DJ Spooky–incursions in
alchemical loops and dub spirits.

October 8-12, at Exit Art 548 Broadway, New York City (upstairs).
open every day, starting Tuesday, October 8, from 10-6

audio examples by Singe & ...

In a fitful exhibition of virtual domains at ISEA 96, of all the worlds
on show, I would want to live in Masaki Fujihata's *Beyond Pages*. It is
not its evocation of childish wonder, nor the classicism of its decorous
symmetry, but that in Fujihata's installation delight, formal perfection
and ...

Jean Gagnon wrote:

Here a quick note on ISEA 96 which was indeed deceiving. I found it
rather telling that no one in Rotterdam (or since then) seems to have
seen the Tony Brown exhibition at the Witte de Whith Center for
Contemporary Art, an exhibition which was not at ...

— *e~scape event & techno party* —
Friday the 4th of October 1996 @ Tivoli, Utrecht/NL

An evening of experimental music and technology
Hypermedia interface by the Institute for New Culture Technologies

* Techno music *
* Analog Deejays *
* Video Installation *
* Live RealAudio cybercast *
* Public Access Terminals ...

I'd like to add something to Roger Malina's comments on ISEA 96

Yes, electronic art … always an awkward term, but at least it allows a
good breadth, and a certain amount of chaos. Somehow or other the ISEA
conferences steer the discussion forward.

My worry goes the other ...

A three day event focusing on the relationship between art and science
15 - 17 November 1996
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

Presented as part of Visual Arts Year in the North of England, Across
Two Cultures: Digital Dreams 4 is a major international three day
festival of electronic art. With a focus on ...

Postmasters Gallery is continuing its digital art programing that began
earlier this year with "Can You Digit?" (

We are planning several exhibitions at the gallery and at other
locations in cooperation with outside curators.

We are looking for (1) computer-based works that are inherent to ...

Stahl Stenslie
Click: Toucher
Then click : Stahl Stenslie

Thus when the God, whatever God was he,
Had form'd the whole, and made the parts agree,
That no unequal portions might be found,
He moulded Earth into a spacious round:
Then with a ...

In Reference to the post by Arno Coenen & Rene Bosma about their Live

Quite frankly I find it incredibly disingenuous to mention the amount of
money spent on any art project. Especially when most artists struggle
along from day to day often working at other jobs to pay ...

I've been reading an essay called "Attention!" by Brian Moriarty. He's
the head of Mpath Interactive, a company that intends to bring
multi-user, networked, computing experiences, otherwise known as
internet games, to the masses (or at least those with a small amount of
disposable income).

Some choice quotes:

"If ...

Live Diary is a network project starting the 5th of October.

The Dutch artists Arno Coenen and Ren

I have now attended a number of the International Symposia on the
Electronic Arts (since FISEA in Holland over 8 years ago). A number of
comments come to mind after attending ISEA in Rotterdam last week.

a) The term "electronic art" is beginning to loose all meaning since it
does ...