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RHIZOME: How would you define "new media art?"

Benjamin Weil: it is important to point out to the fact that its not so
much the medium that defines the production. it is more like the
adequacy of ...

Announcing the CONSCIOUSNESS-REFRAMED-L list (Consciousness Reframed
Mailing List)

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Concerning the 1st International CAiiA Research Conference:
"CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED - art and consciousness in ...

Paris, the 15 january 1997

video and new media art festivals on the Internet

We are preparing to launch a web site exclusively dedicated to video and
digital media festivals. It aims to become a real working tool for
persons interested in these areas: artists, researchers, students or
professionals ...


FEBRUARY 14, 1997

Please see the ISEA97 website: for updated

The glass walls subtly reflect the purple glow of police lights. Above,
rusty meathooks distinguish the perimeter of the space. The dark rooms
are packed with bodies – who crouch, stand, or sit at small round
tables, and listen intently.

"What *is* this music?" someone asks, as the soundscape ...

Ambitious Bitch: Post-Modern Critique for the Jilted Sex

To be a woman is something so strange, so confusing and so complex that
only a woman can manage to do it. -S

PRIVATE/PUBLIC: Exhibitions/ Exhibitionism

PRIVATE/PUBLIC, also published by Edita, is described as a "virtual
exhibition". This CD-Rom documents the exhibition of the same name held
at the The Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki in Spring 1995. It is
very passable. Not an inspiring piece of multi-media but, as ...

The PHOTOSTATIC RETROFUTURIST is seeking submissions. Issue no. 1 will
appear in 1997.

PhotoStatic Magazine began publishing in 1983 as a magazine of graphic
artwork produced on the xerox machine. Over a period of some years, its
originally narrow scope grew to embrace all machine-based art.
PhotoStatic gradually acquired a ...

Telepolis Online Journal: Call for contributions and upcoming special
issues, topics

launch date: 1.2.97. topic: "digital cinema"

description/questions: how do computers affect the narrative language of
cinema? are computers just another tool for better special effects? will
there ever be something as "interactive cinema"? how do digital ...

IN THE RING: Keith Piper interviewed by James Flint (On Fortress Europe,
digital art and the CD-Rom "Caught like a Nigger in Cyberspace")

Keith Piper is a multi-media artist specialising in Computer Animation
and Interactive Multi-Media Production. He has exhibited work widely in
Europe and North America, and recently completed ...

Screening Report: Carl Stone, 11/6/96

I never heard of the word "repurposing" before 1995. I first heard it
when a woman putting together a multi-media CD-ROM included a video she
had shot for a different project. It was being "repurposed".

During a lecture at the School of the ...

Women with Beards

From January 1, 1997, you can download the calendar 'Women with Beards'
from This is a project by Jetty Verhoeff, Ine
Poppe and Agnes de Ruijter, three Dutch artists who are very active on
the Internet.

I have met two of them ...

Andrew Fearnside wrote:

The internet does not allow us to be "here and everywhere else at the
same time." Our bodies remain physically wherever we are, until we die.

True, we can see images on rectangular screens of any almost any
dimension from all over the world; we can ...

PERFORATIONS 7 – Terrorism, Propaganda, Demographics –

is now available at:

v. 1.01

At Death's Door

"Perhaps the single most triumphant denominator in Western culture is
its tendency to thematize the real in terms of ...

Perforations 8
all media

Dead On

"I remember her saying, 'I'm already dead, I'm already dead'." - White

"At the fleeting extreme limit of myself, I am already dead, and in the
coming-to-birth of this state of death, I speak to the living ...

Visual Art; Searching for New Forms of Expression through the WEB.

Norwegian artist Vigdis Holen is involved in the pioneering work of
computer technology in the Fine Art scene. She has already taken a step
aside from traditional painting and printmaking towards the techniques
of the computer world as means ...