Greetings from artnetweb:

We're pleased to announce PORT, an exhibition of networked digital
worlds on the Internet organized by artnetweb for the MIT List Visual
Arts Center, January 25 through March 29, 1997.

PORT will present scheduled time-based Internet projects by individuals
and groups projected into the Reference Gallery space ...



22 November 1996 - 4 January 1997
opening Friday, 22 November, 6-8 pm
Sandra Gering Gallery
476 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013
tel 212/226-8195
fax 212/226-7186

Sandra Gering Gallery is pleased to present "blast5drama," ...

Responses to last night's Floating Point Unit (FPU) New York event
ranged from, "Holy naked dude in a fish tank!" to "It's all about
polyspatial genetic revolution."

The New York-based electronic performance group was at Void (a
multimedia bar in SOHO) for the launching of Brat (www.brat ...

You are invited (especially if you happen to be in New York City next

My interactive video "Boy" will be exhibited at…

The 30th New York Exposition of Short Film and Video (and now
Multimedia, too)

Multimedia Exhibition:

November 22-24, Noon to Midnight (only $6 an hour!)
20 ...


We are pleased to announce that France Artist is hosting its first
worldwide virtual art exhibition. The theme of this show is: Violence and

We are inviting artists from all over to participate.

For more info:

We have the pleasure of ...

The Thinker, a funny name for an image data base, where there is not
much to think about at first: The Fine Art Museum of San Francisco saw
the chance of 30-80 Million additional visitors by exhibiting their
55,000 image repository from the last 2 centuries *on the web ...


This is to announce the opening of "Location One", a new international
art center in downtown Manhattan. A preview for this new venture will
be held from Wednesday, November 20th through Saturday, November 23rd at
the loft headquarters of Josh Harris' Pseudo Programs, 600 Broadway -
5th Floor, at ...


Troublemaker heath bunting is upsetting the inocent again 'for the sake
of pleasur and vunerability' he says.

From the 25th of november 1996 shops in hamburg and london hoping to
protect themselves from the outside unknown will be targetted with a
series of postal ...

INTERACTIVE FRONTIERA :art on the edge of the future

an international colloquium
proposed to take place in Romania 27-29 June 1997

The project would bring together in dialogue six Romanian artists and
six artists associated with the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the
Interactive Arts (CAiiA), University of Wales College ...

Me, Myself and I - How Many Bitches?

- Identity, art and gender in the age of technomanipulation

In the course of history women have been in the focus of artistic and
media attention, but not primarily as acting subjects and individuals.
Quite the opposite; the images of women's bodies have provided ...

Announcing, inviting and introducing YOU to the book launch and party x3
for: Dis-Orienting Rhythms: the Politics of the New Asian Dance Music
(Zed books, 1996)

Forthcoming Events,
Launch and Club Nights

Wed 20 November
Compendium Books, 234 Camden High Street, London NW1
6.30-8pm. Book Launch and talk.

Sat ...

As you have lent support for the deals "Toy Story" has cut with fast
food chains and office supply stores, now is the time to lend support to
aesthetic co-branding, at the opening of the new STUX gallery in
fashionable Chelsea, where Martin Liebscher and Manfred Stumpf will show
this ...


"ScruTiny in the Great Round"
by Tennessee Rice Dixon & Jim Gasperini
Music and Sounds by Charlie Morrow
CD-ROM, $ 39.95
Calliope Media
(310) 829-1100

ScruTiny in the Great Round was awarded the MILIA d'Or Grand Prix, one
of the most prestigious awards of ...

a reply to Manovich's "<a href="/cgi/to.cgi?t=267">The Death of Computer Art</a>"

In response to Lev Manovich's article about the convergence of the art
world and the computer art world [RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 10.23.96], I
would just like to forward this thought: If you ...


the agents all-black cordially remind you to tune in
to their cu-see me broadcast "lift_world"
on november 30th:
a group of artists on a mission to cross
the great waters using an elevator.

this project is assisted by the ...

URGENT announcement for on-going exhibition

Masaki Fujihata

"Global Interior Project #3"
featuring internet accessible function!!

Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo
B1 floor 7-7-2 Ginza, Chuou-ku, Tokyo 104, JAPAN
tel: +81-3-5568-8055

Internet Access to the gallery:

5–22 Nov. 1996
open 11:00 am. ~ 7:00 ...