Spatia Nova - Off-line in St. Petersburg
Report by Kathy Rae Huffman

The great new electronic spaces and communication possibilities, along
with the dramatic changes which have taken place in Russia since the end
of the Cold War inspired the theme of the fourth St. Petersburg ...

Welcome all,

World Wide Arts Resources invites you to submit your WWW sites.

World Wide Arts Resources is the largest gateway to the visual arts on
the WWW. Over 7,000 artists, 970+ museums thousands of galleries,
publications, institutions, schools, antiques, dance resources, theatre
resources and more ...

Dear members of the ISEA diversity list-serve:

By way of an introduction, for those of you I did not meet in Rotterdam,
I am serving as the chair of the 1997 ISEA which is being hosted by the
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I am on the ...

Live performances will occur at Sandra Gering Gallery (476 broome
street) [New York]

as part of Blast5drama from 6-7:00pm on December 4th, 11th, and the

Archives of these performances will be webcast from the Parkbench

Curator:Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnance Performance Artists.
Produced:Parkbench–Nina Sobell, Emily Hartzell ...

New Media festival/conference 'ART + COMMUNICATION' + electronic arts
and media center E-Lab opening.

ART + COMMUNICATION was a 2 day event focusing on the relationship
between art and communication 22. - 23. November in Riga, Latvia,
located at Latvian Academy of Arts and in Performances & Art club
'Secret Experiment'.

Presented as ...

some news from your roving gal about europe….

discord. sabotage of realities

_discord.sabatoge of realities_ opened in Hamburg November 29, as part
of the Week of Visual Arts. On view until January 19, 1997, the
exhibition includes 34 projects (and 29 worthwhile concepts not ...

Kenseth Armstead asked:

Where are you going with your online artwork? I am sure there are many
commercial applications but I want to know about the art you *want* to
make. How do you direct yourself? What sites inspire you?

Kristen Ankiewicz replied:

I graduated with a degree in Visual ...


What is LEAF'97:
Liverpool East European Electronic Arts Forum'97 /LEAF'97/
with a working theme:
Virtually Transformed Europe
Recent East European Revolutions in Society, Culture, Technology, Art

When is LEAF'97:
Sunday, April 13 & Monday, April 14, 1997
Suggested Liverpool stay of LEAF participants - April ...

Replying to Peter Lunenfeld ["<a href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0338">(Why) Are You Doing
What You're Doing?</a>" RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 11.25.96], Simon Biggs wrote:

I doubt if there ever was an age where experimentation and the value of
the artistic voice were bound together ...

Expanding the Internet Namespace

The overcrowding of the "com" domain on the internet has led to much
speculation, name piracy, ransom and blackmail. From pirates who
registered to blackmailers who hijacked Tiger Woods and
snatched up "" then attempted to ransom it back to Mr.
Woods…by insisting ...

interview with Rasa Smite (, Latvian artist and curator,
after ART +COMMUNICATION, November, 22-23

Lialina: Rasa, how many (and what) new media conferences you visited
before you decided to organize "Art +Communication" in Riga and how many
(and what) new media conferences you visited before you organized it ...

Peter Lunenfeld from Art Center College of Design wrote:

Why Are You Doing What You're Doing?
A Short Rant about Form, Digital Artists & Cultural Production

We live at a moment in which we can have no faith in the inherent
progressive potential of form. The is not the age ...

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Language en perspectives - Nouveaux m

Owning to unforeseen events the Membership list for the next LVRG
[London Virtual Reality Group] meeting as not been fully updated. I
suggest that if you are unsure that your name is on the full list of
attendees for the next meeting, could you have a quick look at the ...

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