A Call For Web Based Art | Writing

Initiated by digital eARTh
co-curated by Thecla Schiphorst & Oliver Hockenhull
supported by the Canada Council for The Arts and BCIT

digital eARTh announces a call for web based art and writing under the
theme of ...

Writing to Dooley Le Cappellaine, Joseph Auer wrote:

I have had time to go view your website. Your Shockwave Pages are more
interesting than the normal shockwave pages on offer. However, I do find
that the reality of quicktime shockwave capabilities are far from the
panacea of interactivity that they ...

In response to J.M. Cheddie's post "<a href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0279">ISEA 96 and RHIZOME
E-MAIL</a>" [RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 10.29.96], Hasnul Jamal Saidon wrote:

Hi, I'm Hasnul Jamal Saidon from the Faculty of Aplied & Creative Arts,
University Malaysia Sarawak.

I was supposed to ...

F O C U S : THAW 97 is a festival of alternative film, video and
digitally-produced moving images. The festival was organized in the
spring of 1996 as a forum for the presentation of new experimental works
which have often been unrecognized, overlooked or refused by
conventional exhibition circuits.

Thaw ...

Open Studio: an attempt to make accessible the technolgy that will
empower the public, and specifically artists, in a digital culture.


To define and encourage public space in the new digital environment, and
in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Arts, the Benton
Foundation is creating a joint ...

Re: cultural context of the electronic arts

I just caught up with the RHIZOME discussion raised by J M Cheddie on
the problem of "representation" at ISEA - cultural diversity …etc

This issue is fresh in my mind as I have just returned from a trip to
China. And among other ...

Stelarc performs cyber/bodies @ Viewpoint Gallery, Salford, Manchester

23 November 7.30 pm

Not to abuse the RHIZOME system- but right after I sent the last email
on ISEA and the problem of representation/inclusion - I went to work on
Leonardo Digital Reviews which I edit. We publish reviews of books,
electronic publications, events and run them in Craig Harris's monthly
Leonardo Electronic ...

You are invited to:


@ Cyberia on Oxford Road, Manchester
This Friday 7pm - 9pm

All welcome

Wine and talk


for more information : Lowena Faull mttp 0161 908 0532

This is for the benefit of anyone interested in virtual humans research
who can get to the Virtual Heritage '96 conference in London in December

The high spot this year will be the unveiling of Nadia Thalmann's
celebrated project to bring virtual life to a group of the Chinese ...

You are invited to a demo of "Technophobia" the interactive exhibition
on CD-ROM of cutting edge art using the new technology:

at Tower Video at 383 Lafayette Street, this Saturday November 2, from
1pm-6pm. (New York).

"The best stuff ever gathered! A clash of talents. The test of art
towards ...

Harvestworks, Digital Media Arts announces the Fall 1996 LISTEN IN
Series of Presentations on Art and Technology

Contact: Carol Parkinson 212-431-1130 x 12

Special Presentations of the Innovative use of Technology in the Arts
November-December 1996

In November and early December, Harvestworks will present LISTEN IN, a
lively ...

Technophobia, a new CD-ROM, manages to cover a real variety of
computer-based art by an international assortment of artists–from lush
"VR" graphics to ironic pop culture commentaries, from posing conceptual
or intellectual problems to exploring machine-body interactions. The
most successful of these were those which took into account the specific ...

Reading through Mathew Ritchie's internet project, The Hard Way
(http://www.adaweb.com/influx/hardway/), is like reading through a piece
of contemporary mythology.

Yes, there are gods, elemental portraits, archetypes, allegories and the
like, yet it is a curious sort of mythology, one that uses myth as a
stylistic ...

Hi, I invite everyone to visit our on- and off-line Art Exhibition.

Feedback and comments welcome.

Tripartite: made or existing between 3 parties.



November 11- December 6
9:00am - 6:00pm - everyday

Opening Reception: November 14, 1996 - 6:00 to ...

Responding to Kenseth Armstead, J.M. Cheddie wrote:

You sent me an email regarding what I would like to see on RHIZOME
E-MAIL. Though I value the list for keeping me informed of current
events, there are a number of things that I would like to see which at
the ...