Imagine your computer goes nuts. I'm not talking about the usual data blips
and all out crashes - I'm talking genuine human psychosis. This seems to
have been the premise behind a one-time only performance on August 8 '96 at
the arena here in Berlin, part of an ongoing series entitled ...

We are pleased to announce the first in a series of Virtual Seminars
by the accomplished artist, Kenneth R. Turner. A Virtual Seminar is
a professional presentation using your favorite HTML Browser on your
personal computer and accessing audio via your telephone. To
synchronize multiple sites around the world the ...

G.H. Hovagimyan wrote:
I've just put up some Quicktimes on my Faux Conceptual Art page. You
need to have Netscape Navigator 3.0 with a quicktime plug-in to view the
embedded movies. The files total 1274k and take about 7 minutes to load
with a 28.8 modem. I'm ...

san diego
museo de
los ninos

Twelve children, six each from Mexico City and the San Diego
area, will participate in a residency program with artist Sheldon Brown at the
Children's Museum/Museo de los Ninos on August 13-15 to research and introduce
a binational, state-of-the-art, virtual reality ...

Recently Joseph Nechvatal posted an essay announcing his BBS, IMMERSIVE
to RHIZOME RAW. His essay can also be found in the <a
href="" target="_top">RHIZOME CONTENTBASE</a> by
searching on the keyword "immersion ...

Announcing the on-line publication of:

*Face Value*

Notes on social media and self-exchange.

Join the "Face Value" discussion group by sending mail to

If you find "Face Value" of interest, please post this information or
forward the URL to your colleagues and friends. Thank you for your ...

DEAF96 - Wiretap 2.9
Webbed Workspaces and Artist Programmers

Sunday, 22 September 1996, 14.00 - 17.00 hrs

The electronic networks are increasingly used as interactive, multi-user
and translocal workspaces which artists are discovering for their own
projects, as spaces for developing and elaborating projects as well as for
the ...

Virtual Worlds Within the 1996 Olympic Arts Festival

(Atlanta, July 31, 1996) The Olympic Arts Festival today announced the
installation on the Internet of 'Worlds Within', the three-dimensional virtual
world created by the Austrian and German artists of Van Gogh TeleVision. In
'Worlds Within', people from every country and culture ...

"Inside Out" File Under Olympics Narrative / Marketing Scheme

"In a provocative interview in the current New Yorker, NBC Sports
researcher Nicholas Schiavone reveals that the age old "nature vs. nurture"
argument fuels the network's Olympics coverage."

"In more than 10,000 interviews over six years that helped NBC mold ...

A new Bulletin Board discussion area is up on The THING web site for the


The issue(s) under consideration : an examination of the affinity between
art based in Virtual Reality (VR) and previous ...

Tuesday we went to the opening performance of Tod Machover's 4 1/2 million
dollar interactive music installation/performance at Lincoln Center. The
work has three parts. In the first part you and a large crowd wander
around a plastic dendrite & ganglion forest designed to be a
cyber-amusement arcade ...

DEAF96 Symposium - Digital Territories
19 September 1996, 10.00 - 18.00 hrs
Rotterdam, Lantaren/Venster Theatre

The DEAF96 Symposium takes the thematic triangle of architecture, urban
culture, and electronic networks indicated by the title, 'Digital
Territories', and investigates their mutual relationships and the impact
they have on each other. This ...

or Multiple Identity

Homepage is one's identity in the Net. The first impression of a
homepage often crucially affects our wish to go deeper into it.
A human being can't have different faces at a discretion, a book can't
have different covers simultaneously, a song or film can't ...


Channel, the national Internet network of media arts organisations, is
calling for artists' proposals for internet projects that explore the theme
of the digital or imaginary city.

Artists Fee

Spooky on the Net

Listening to Sonic Net's "Cybercast" of the Soundlab Anchorage party from
earlier this month, I'm developing great sympathy for Astronauts. This
must be what it's like to listen to music aboard the space shuttle

I've gone to Soundlab's parties since Christmas, when they were thrown ...

HILUS end-of-the-month Info-Cocktails

"Wir drinken und blinken mit Dir im Hilus buero…"

At the end of each month, beginning July 31, 1996, HILUS intermediale
Projektforschung (research group), in Vienna, will open the door to their
information platform to host an evening cocktail and give guided Internet
tours on selected Info-Topics ...