by Laura McGough

From the mid-1970's through the early 1980's, artist Steina Vasulka
created a series of videotapes and installations she dubbed "machine
vision". Using motorized devices, Vasulka rotated video cameras in front
of varying optical tools including mirrors, video monitors ...

Dear Rhizome data-heads

The "PORT" exhibition, organized by Artnetweb and currently being held
at the Massachusets Institute of Technology focuses on "distance
performance" as an experimental art medium.

Pseudo T.V. (http://pseudo.com/pseudoav) is ...

The New Museum of Contemporary Art presents:


A panel discussion exploring the interrelations of the global and the
local from the perspective of artistic and cultural production.
Collapsed Distances / Transformed Space will take place on Thursday
February 13, 1997 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm ...

ART Xenon – http://www.mercury.net/~xenon/index.html

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Questions? -> xenon@mercury.net

Artist contributions wanted for Springtij '97


Art and Culture in Digital Ages

May 7 - 11, 1997, EKKO culture centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Theme: expand your mind

In May 1997 the third edition of the new media festival Springtij will
take place. Springtij is a returning international event organised ...

BE.YOND intimate performance / theatre installation

date: Friday, February 7th, 1997
time: 20:00 (Central European Time)

physical location: Kapelica Gallery - Ljubljana - Slovenia - Europe

LIVE ON INTERNET: http://www.kapelica.org

more info: igor.stromajer@guest.arnes.si

created by Igor Stromajer ...


Electronic Culture: Technology and Visual Representation
edited and introduced by Timothy Druckrey
New York: Aperture, 1996

Newsgroups and mailing lists have the advantage of making the path
between writing and reading short and fast, thus creating the
possibility for a form and intensity of intellectual discourse that can ...

Machine Aesthetics

The beginning of a conversation between Ken Wark and Andreas Broeckmann,
January 1997.

Andreas: The notion of machine aesthetics derives from the consideration
that we are witnessing the emergence of an aesthetic paradigm that is based
on the dynamics of the machinic rather than on the forces driving ...

Hi everyone,

Now that the exhibition (PORT-MIT) has started we know a little more
about how to set things up. For the Art Dirt interface we have changed
the screen set up slightly to accommodate your demands. The set up is

Screen 1- RealAudio stream from Art Dirt program ...

Sandra Gering Gallery Online presents a new online project:

Agree to Disagree: With Digressions
Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, Jon Ippolito


Agree to Disagree: With Digressions charts a series of arguments,
beginning with the inflammatory statement "in the future, books will be
replaced by maps ...

Bertrand Grimault and Ethnicolor present the "MIDI-MINUIT"
(NOON-MIDNIGHT) project of a collective work, at the crossway of
simultaneous sensibilities.

The principle of this project is to bring together a variety of notes,
sketches, views, ex/impressions, thru the media of writing or images, in
an imposed common time - noon and ...

+DIGITAL OBJECTS: Roxana Meechan+

RHIZOME: How would you define "new media art?"

Roxana Meechan: Conceptual Art using more than one media (where at least
one is of an electronic kind!)

R: Is there space in traditional galleries for new media work?

RM: There could be but there is not ...

Is identifying the point at which installation-art was no longer tenable
of any use? Does this point-in-time before the great-reversals
constitute a 'cultural wormhole?' A way back? A way out?

In the late seventies it seemed to me at least, that the very
possibility of the Installation was gradually ...

"Live in Boston"
Galerie Des Archives
open from 1-11-97 to 2-28-97
4, Impasse Beaubourg
75003 Paris FRANCE

Bio-technology in the Gallerie:

"Sur les reseaux des computers, I'effet negatif des virus passe encore
plus vite que l'effet positif de l'information. Or le virus est lui-meme
une ...


List Visual Arts Center
MIT Media Lab
January 25 through March 29, 1997

(Running concurrently with Joseph Kosuth's "Redefining the Context of
Art" in the adjacent gallery)

Presented at the PORT opening reception
Friday, January 24, 1997:

Prosthesis To A Well, 1997
Sawad Brooks

Wailing in ...

In a follow up to Paul Warren's comments on web-based art ["<a
href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0426">How do you define
online arts?</a>" RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 1.22.97], Markus Kruse wrote:

these are interesting questions but i do not necessarily agree with your
statements about museums ...