You are invited to a demo of "Technophobia" the interactive exhibition
on CD-ROM of cutting edge art using the new technology:

at Tower Video at 383 Lafayette Street, this Saturday November 2, from
1pm-6pm. (New York).

"The best stuff ever gathered! A clash of talents. The test of art
towards ...

Hi, I invite everyone to visit our on- and off-line Art Exhibition.

Feedback and comments welcome.

Tripartite: made or existing between 3 parties.


November 11- December 6
9:00am - 6:00pm - everyday

Opening Reception: November 14, 1996 - 6:00 to ...

Harvestworks, Digital Media Arts announces the Fall 1996 LISTEN IN
Series of Presentations on Art and Technology

Contact: Carol Parkinson 212-431-1130 x 12

Special Presentations of the Innovative use of Technology in the Arts
November-December 1996

In November and early December, Harvestworks will present LISTEN IN, a
lively ...

Reading through Mathew Ritchie's internet project, The Hard Way
(, is like reading through a piece
of contemporary mythology.

Yes, there are gods, elemental portraits, archetypes, allegories and the
like, yet it is a curious sort of mythology, one that uses myth as a
stylistic ...

Responding to Kenseth Armstead, J.M. Cheddie wrote:

You sent me an email regarding what I would like to see on RHIZOME
E-MAIL. Though I value the list for keeping me informed of current
events, there are a number of things that I would like to see which at
the ...

In response to J.M. Cheddie's post "<a href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0279">ISEA 96 and RHIZOME
E-MAIL</a>" [RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 10.29.96], Lily Diaz wrote:

I was at ISEA 96 and I agree with you on issues related to the notable
absence of multi-cultural presence within ...

Technophobia, a new CD-ROM, manages to cover a real variety of
computer-based art by an international assortment of artists–from lush
"VR" graphics to ironic pop culture commentaries, from posing conceptual
or intellectual problems to exploring machine-body interactions. The
most successful of these were those which took into account the specific ...

On Thursday, October 24th, the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum (HNF) was
opened in Paderborn, Germany – the largest museum for computers,
communications, and office technology worldwide. In the last months, I
worked as a freelancer for the HNF, mainly responsible for the Hacker

The Hacker exhibition is a tiny part ...

I read JM Cheddie's piece with much interest. It is a relief to see
someone expanding the debate around art and technology to one beyond the
technology itself, into a larger social context.

Cheddie wrote:

"The Displaced Data (J.M. Cheddie, Roshini Kempadoo, Keith Piper, Derek
Richards) an evolving organisation ...

Enter the Malice Palace and experience virtual pain. Set in San
Francisco 2001, this Palace is my 1st step toward creating a multimedia
& multiuser environment.

Come be annoyed by robots with artificial unintelligence and abusive

It is about to launch to the world via HotWired who is THANKFULLY ...

"That's a fold, it's the part of the surface that doesn't stop…it's
always changing, it's smooth and continuous. In short it's a love

Twyla Rogers-1938

Friday OCT.25

at Save The Robots
25 Ave B/2 st.

Ambassador Jr.
Bedouin ...

Mary-Kay Lombino wrote:

I checked out The Thinker. Nice graphics, pretty useful for a San Fran.
visitor, but it's missing a contemporary element. I tried to search
Nayland Blake, an important S.F. living artist. Not listed. For 60,000
listings, why not him? I wonder what the criteria was ...

ICA Live Arts announces two new seasons of work which may interest you.

On the first weekend of November the ICA is running a series of
workshops that are intended to explore the possibilities of going online
and chinese poetry entitled Chinese Online. It is part of a continuing
commitment ...

Minutes of LVRG September Meeting
Thursday 26th September
University College London

Sponsors: Superscape

1. Welcome + meeting overview by Simon

2. Jean Leston from Ovum presented a summary of their report "Virtual
Reality: Business Applications, Markets and Opportunities."

Among her conclusions were that industrial applications generate ...

A Reminder:

DIALogue begins at 7pm tonite, at Cooper Union in the Peter Cooper Suite
[NYC]. I'll be hosting "Working Hard at Leisure: the architecture and
social anthropology of entertainment environments," featuring architect
David Rockwell, political theorist Benjamin R. Barber, and Susan Willis
and Karen Klugman of The Project ...

1st International CAiiA Research Conference

"CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED: art and consciousness in the post-biological

5 & 6 July 1997

Organised by CAiiA - the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive
Arts, University of Wales College, Newport, UK.

An international conference to look at new developments in art, science,
technology and ...