luxus cont.
sunday, 3.2.1997
callanetics - contd - convex tv.

wolliner strasse 12
(hinterhaus) - 10435 berlin

17.00 -18.00: convex tv.
info-sphere/socio-sphere I:
(-> radiosalon / -> plug-in / -> real time
/ -> net / -> tea-bar)

ab 18.00: 'contd'
info-kit box:
(-> represento-kit / -> display / -> ascii
/ -> ...

"OBITUARY." Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead.
30 Underwood St, London. March 7th - April 7th 1997.

Private view: 7.00pm-9.30pm, 7th March 1997
Seminar: 2.00pm-4.00pm 30th March 1997

contact: Simon Hedges +44 (0)171 336 0884 fax +44 (0)171 250 3045


Obituary is the ...

Division Call for Papers–Literature and Other Arts; 1997 MLA, Toronto

Session Title: Electronic Culture: Theory, Aesthetics, Practice

Description: Analysis of the theory, aesthetics, and/or practice of
electronic art and performance, video, hypertext, WWW, and their
cultural implications. Electronic or experimental formats welcome. 8-10
page papers by 15 March. Timothy ...

7 March - 19 April 1997.
14 March - 26 April 1997.

Curated by Displaced Data: Janice Cheddie, Keith Piper and Derek

Recently we have seen much excitement generated about the limitless
possibilities of digital technologies in shifting the relationships
between art, technology and society. Technologies, which its
techno-celebrants claim ...

LISTEN IN: Presentations on Art and Technology

A Harvestworks 20th Anniversary Event


Contact: Carol Parkinson 212-431-1130 x 12

In March Harvestworks will present LISTEN IN, a lively mix of
presentations by composers, visual artists, and other creators using new
technologies in ...

listmembers might be interested to know that a follow-up release to last
year's _folds and rhizomes for gilles deleuze_ cd has just surfaced.
entitled _double articulation > another plateau_, it's a collection of
remixes by the artists featured on the first cd, in some cases remixing
another of the artists ...

2 Cities, 12 Venues, 200 Artists
Liverpool - Manchester April 11 - May 18 1997
Festival week April 11 - 20

VIDEO POSITIVE 97 : ESCAPING GRAVITY is the UK's biggest ever festival
of video and electronic art. Spanning two cities, a host of
contemporary arts venues and both ...

Public Netbase ( is proud to announce the opening of
its new location Media~Space! in the Viennese Museumsquartier:

Opening of Public Netbase Media~Space! 28. February 1997, 19:00 cet

Opening Speaker: Peter Lamborn Wilson (NY, USA) "Information Millennium"

Music and Performance: Pulsinger & Tunakan ...

This is to let you know about 'Virtual Reality in Education & Training
'97', a major new international conference and trade show which will
take place on the Loughborough University campus in the UK, 23-25 June
1997. The event is a collaboration between VR NEWS and Loughborough
University - specifically Prof ...

Saturday, 2/22 at 2am


program 24: 2001

12:30 "into the subatomic shrink-wrapped universe" with Dr Clark Render

2 am "a-morph" performance by Prema Murthy/digital disturbance Floating
Point Unit

plus "Hal in the can", the triumphant return of the planet theory
bathroom spy cam and ...

Here's information on the UK's largest video and
electronic arts festival, VIDEO POSITIVE 97:


Exhibitions Programme details follow:


11 April - 17 May

Bluecoat Gallery. Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.30am - 5.00pm Admission
Free Lyndal Jones, John Wood & Paul Harrison with ARTSKILLS, Bobby Baker ...

++ electronic magazine ++
## launch in march 97 ##

!!!last call for contributions!!!

deadline 20.2.97

luxus is currently designing the electronic magazine
'contd', which will be launched in March 1997 and published quarterly on
the world wide web.

The project situates itself as a structurally open module in ...


Nick Couldry : Boz Temple Morris

Monday 24th February 1997
@ 7:30pm
@ Backspace, Winchester Wharf, Clink Street, London SE1

Menu: FAG-ENDS ON SLIPPERY FLOORS + Alchemy and the Commodity

Dispersed political movements…, extra-parliamentary politics…,
non-curricular art beyond cultural discourse…

sTALK attempts to draw together different strands in the new geographies ...

Here is some info on what is happening in Sydney in March/April

Cyber Cultures 1997 + Imaging Reality? exhibitons and talks


* Open on Saturday March 8, 1997 6 to 8 pm at the Casula Powerhouse 1
Casula road Casula phone 02 9824 1121 fax 02 9821 4273.

* Open on ...

New Initiative of the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje,

Center For Computer Art (CEFCA)

After two very successful annual exhibitions of SCCA - Skopje, Macedonia
(Image Box and especially after the second CD ROM project Icon on
Silver), and regarding the activities in the field of media, SCCA
proceeded ...

Ex-Butoh Dancer looking for Electronic Musician for Collaborative
Performances DJs, ambient, illbient, dub, insane sampleheads, 4-track
bedroom people

The musical structures of electronic music–samples, repetition over
extremely short term (jungle beats) or extremely long term (ambient),
beats vs. no beats, all suggest to me was of creating and structuring
movement ...