1. Linz is a parallel universe.
The opening act of the ars electronica festival and centre was an
absolute odd experience. In front of a crowd of local hot shots clearly
not understanding a single word, the Austrian Minister of Finance bandied
around cyberbuzzwords. A promo video featured corporate ...


Just wanted to add a minor footnote to Niko Waesche's fun report from
Linz and Ars Electronica:

All this week Rewired takes a critical look at that memesis thesis. Tune
into the current article by dialing www.rewired.com on your browser of
choice (any will do) or ...

I strongly agree with much of Jim Gasperini's review of Tod Machover's
"Brain Opera," and would like to take the critique further.

Mr. Gasperini wrote, "So my impression is of another work where you're
invited to make a difference that makes no difference."

This is perhaps *the* fatal ...

Our intention is to introduce the Virtual Museum of Contemporary Art
(VMCA), a new digital-based museum. The VMCA is computer based and
accessible via a BBS on the Internet or, within two to three years, via
interactive television. The museum "building" and exhibitions exist only
in the electronic world. The ...

The Ars Electronica Festival 1996 opened last night with a performance
by the Catalan theater group Els Comediants / La Fura dels Baus,
inaugurating the new Ars Electronica Center here in Linz. The AEC is a
so-called "Museum of the Future" designed to host a permanent
exhibition. The intention is to ...


Visiting the houses of the dead:
Well made visitors guide to the official culture of
death in Berlin. Digitize your obsessions.

Viewing the construction process:
This is not the average web-cam ...

Proposal CITY EXCHANGE no. 1


The basis of this project is to conduct a series of psychogeographical
explorations of various cities. Ultimately the goal is to initiate a
network/index of psychgeographical pursuits through a physical city
exchange and symbolic Net exchange.

By inhabiting the cultural ...

here an event for all of you, who want to taste another Swiss-chocolate!

VIPER 1996 - 22. - 27. Oct.
opens new horizons. Makes sparks fly. Does the digital tango. An arena for
rebels and dreamers, heretics and nomads, pioneers and visionaries.
VIPER's new focus this year is on the challenges of ...

Nino Rodriguez is asking more interesting questions – this time about
identification. I think there are ways of extending the question and
proposing some possible avenues of exploration in cyborg psychology.

Filmic idenitification starts from projection. In *apparatus theory*,
the illusion that you are the source of projection (because it ...

So, David Tudor has died. I read this in the UK daily paper The Guardian
(London, Aug 28, 96).

For myself, at least, he was a major influence. Not so much
artistically, I have never been that enamoured of the post-Fluxus/Cage
aesthetic. But he was a pioneer in the ...

Welcome Back to the Empire

We will try to construct an interactive parallel history. The combining
of the three platforms mentioned below will assist us in that intention.

Platform 1.

Alexander III of Macedonia had not died on June 13, 323 BC
in Babylon after his return from India. He ...

Jodi's homepage for moscow wwwart centre


The creators are obviously disciples of cyberpunk ideology with rather
good taste (strange combination!).

They have presented a post-linguistic and post-visual investigation
that reflects very well the state of contemporary culture and

It's very logical ...

New Media Catalogue Project at V tape


* V tape is embarking on a pilot project to collect and catalogue information
about artists and projects in new media. The catalogue is intended as a
platform ...

Nino Rodriguez wrote:

[…] What does it mean to psychologically impose personal narratives onto
the real-time representations of your fellow participants?


(Full text, *Question for Friday/ psychological imposition* can be found in
the <a href="http://www.rhizome.org/query" target="_top">RHIZOME
CONTENTBASE</a> by searching on ...

I'm thinking about identification again.

In traditional film and video, the viewer attempts [or is encouraged] to
emotionally identify with the characters they watch on the screen – usually
with the protagonist, antagonist, etc…

In real life, however, we generally don't walk around watching people,
looking for someone to be ...

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for your interest in our project
<saved ideas>/<idealike ideas>.

Who are we?
25 artists/scientist and producers of "culture", trying to build up
an alternative art forum and to promote artists, who's ideas are
neglected on the art market. We try to realize ...