Replying to Peter Lunenfeld ["<a href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0338">(Why) Are You Doing
What You're Doing?</a>" RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 11.25.96], Simon Biggs wrote:

I doubt if there ever was an age where experimentation and the value of
the artistic voice were bound together ...

interview with Rasa Smite (, Latvian artist and curator,
after ART +COMMUNICATION, November, 22-23

Lialina: Rasa, how many (and what) new media conferences you visited
before you decided to organize "Art +Communication" in Riga and how many
(and what) new media conferences you visited before you organized it ...

Owning to unforeseen events the Membership list for the next LVRG
[London Virtual Reality Group] meeting as not been fully updated. I
suggest that if you are unsure that your name is on the full list of
attendees for the next meeting, could you have a quick look at the ...

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Language en perspectives - Nouveaux m

Peter Lunenfeld from Art Center College of Design wrote:

Why Are You Doing What You're Doing?
A Short Rant about Form, Digital Artists & Cultural Production

We live at a moment in which we can have no faith in the inherent
progressive potential of form. The is not the age ...


Bill Seaman's

- EX.MECH: The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers -

THE EXQUISITE MECHANISM OF SHIVERS is an interactive videodisc
installation which combines poetic text fragments, modular music
segments and image sequences. The work incorporates a videodisc and ...

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SENSING THE FUTURE : research at the leading edge of art and technology

Arthouse Dublin 11-12 April 1997

"Sensing the Future: research at the leading edge of art and technology"
is a conference presenting the work of artists of international standing
who are involved with research at the Centre for Advanced ...

These are the Web sites that won the Ars Electronica competition: (IDEA Futures) (tO Public Netbase) (Ringo + +)
http.// ...

In 1997 LEONARDO will be celebrating its 30th year of publication! As an
editorial board member I have been asked to actively seek out and
solicit articles in two particular areas of interest, which Leonardo
wishes to focus on in its 30th volume.

1. Artists' writings: Artists' Articles (3000-5000 words ...

News: French Web Art Site

There are some texts in french with an introduction in english.


The Knowbotic Interface Project of Dr. Doeben-Henisch and his team of
the Institute for New Media in Frankfurt, Germany is a research project
that aims at improving communication between humans and artificial
intelligence. Artificial intelligence, in this case, means autonomously
learning agents, 'Knowbots'. A philosophical experiment on the road to ...

We are glad to announce that Xarxart is hosted by the "Institut
Universitari de l'Audiovisual", a department of the "Universitat Pompeu
Fabra" from Barcelona.

Please, visit Xarxart at

The english version is located at

If ...

Postmasters Gallery
**The Hole**
Postmasters Digital Projects

November 16 - December 21, 1996

In The Hole - our monthly project - MACIEJ WISNIEWSKI will present a
computer installation "Good Luck !" a slot machine of internet sites.
The internet browser divided vertically into three equal parts, if the
large button above the screen ...