Displaced Data as part of Translocations presents a live web link up
with Virtual Varrio's "Digital Drivebys in Cyberspace".


Wednesday 2nd April 1997,
Photographers Gallery, Great Newport Street, London, ENGLAND.

7. PM (British Summer Time, London)
2. PM (NY)
11. AM (LA)

In ...

I am pleased to announce that "Nettropics" has finally been launched.
It is a complex of mailing lists and digital worlds which supports
alternative discourses on the internet, transpasses personal cognitive
limits and provides a test field for bioelectronic mentalities by means
of sharing spurious processing memories on the internet ...

Studio XX, Montreal's digital media centre for women, presents:

"Maid in Cyberspace - festival of web art"
to be held
May 31st and June 1st, 1997
in Montreal

The festival is a weekend long forum for the exploration and
appreciation of art made for the web. There will demonstrations of the ...

RHIZOME, ada' web, and The Museum of Modern Art, have recently launched
http://www.tech90s.net. The Web site accompanies MOMA's Technology in
the 1990s Lecture Series – both projects are introduced below.

+ + +


Curatorial Text, Transcripts of Lectures, and ...

Excerpts from "Database Politics, Virtual Reality and Social Simulation"
available at http://www.tech90s.net:

I begin with the assertion that technologies are tangible social
relations. That said, technologies can therefore be used to make social
relations tangible. Technologies create the material conditions within
which we work, and imagine ourselves ...

We are pleased to announce the opening of France Artist's first
international virtual art exhibition. Artists from around the world were
invited to present work on the theme of Violence and Consciousness. The
results of this project can be seen at


For those of you ...

For those of you who will be in or near enough to the UK and can make it
over to Manchester you may be intrested in the following symposium to
take place in Mid April as part of the Video Positive 97 "Escaping
Gravity" Technocultures 2 conference strand.


"Excavating ...

Powderkeg (powderkeg@prostar.com, http://www.prostar.com/web/powdrkeg)
is a performance group based in the Pacific Northwest. Recently I had a
chance to talk with Powderkeg's Jamie McMurry and Jesse Chambers about
the group's recent work and the area's new media art scene.

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Alex Galloway: Please start by ...

FRIDAY MARCH 28th-18:00h New York time. (that's 6pm to 8pm in nyc)
SATURDAY MARCH 29th- 08:00h Australia

The Port-MIT closing party/ webJam may be the most exciting single event
you'll ever attend in cyberspace. An international crew of artists,
musicians, theoreticians, and robots will be mixing it up ...

Ada 'web announces the on-line release of 5 new projects:

in the *project* dimension, doug aitken's "loaded 5x" is a hypermedia
story about five characters, and the threads that link between them. the
narrative starts from the end, and one proceeds through what may have
brought the characters together, in ...

'Off the Beaten Track' - The Shukkinak path

The draft workshop results of the first scenario of alternative
colonisation are available at the following web site:


This contains the history of Shukkinak, the kind of country that
Australia would have been ...

+DIGITAL OBJECTS: Katarina Soukup+

RHIZOME recently asked Katarina Soukup of Studio XX, a women's digital
media resource centre in Montreal, Quebec, to contribute to DIGITAL
OBJECTS, a feature series that explores the place of new media art in
the gallery. Interviews with gallerists and curators offer critical
appraisals of new ...

Programmers, artists, musicians, designers, dancers & performers, what
are you doing the first week of june?

Lighthouse is looking for 12 people to take part in a unique workshop
event in Brighton. The event is free to all participants and
accommodation will be provided.

The event is funded by the ...


Laura McGough is the curator at Rockville Arts Place, a non-profit
independent arts center that serves the metropolitan Washington,
DC-area. She has written about media arts and new technology for U.S.,
Canadian, and Australian arts publications. McGough will present a
lecture on new media art ...

Call for Delegates,

36MC - 36 hours in a mystery chair

36 hour event (00.00 hours 29th March - 12.00 30th March)

Manchester, England

The event:

36 artists, thinkers and activists have been working in the abandoned
Blackwells bookshop on Oxford Road, Manchester for several weeks. Their
efforts will culminate ...

In response to G.H. Hovagimyan's "<a href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0506">Notes On
Immersion</a>" [RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 3.18.97] Joseph Nechvatal wrote:

This is stimulating G. in tracing the wider implications of immersion.
It provokes in me the question: Does all meaningful perception depend
upon a ...