Rothko Generator - last chance to see

Savska 25
Zagreb, Croatia


ROTHKO GENERATOR - # untitled till infinity
by Maya Kalogera & CSDVU

Exhibition runs from September 27 till October 12, 2007

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday from 12 am till 20 am
Saturday from 10 am till 13 am
Admission Free

Gallery SC presents Rothko Generator Project
# untitled till infinity

by Maya Kalogera and CSDVU.

Rothko Generator is a software installation which collects and stores pictorial data from the internet, alternates and reuses it to substitute pixels inside of CG images based on Rothko's work. The Rothko Generator Project has two main components, an image processing installation, which consists of a PC running a custom made software and a video installation, both displayed in the gallery space.