• Deadline:
    Jan. 31, 2011, midnight

William Boling’s Marco Polo is a long duration project, where the American photographer invites participants to post snapshots, memories and moments in image or text form which are responded to: embracing, compiling or reacting against their input to form his own.

SCREENS welcomes contributions of photographs or text snippets - a unique opportunity to dialogue with a renowned photographer and artist, and to influence the path of this long-duration, archived internet project.

To play, simply tweet or e-mail:

Simply address a tweet to the artist, by beginning it with @williamboling.
For images, please use the service. Images posted to other services will not appear.

Simply send an email to, with @williamboling in the subject line.
Any attached image is automatically posted to twitpic.

For the current project stream and curator's introduction, visit