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Learn to Play Too / Craft & Punishment

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 15, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    San Jose


Are you a game maker? Are you telling compelling stories about your life or the world around you? Are you doing interesting things through interactive works that cannot be done elsewhere? Does your work exemplify the craft of game design? Have you worked on a game that was as compelling as it was punishing?

Learn to Play Too / Craft & Punishment are two simultaneous exhibitions of video games, board games and social games. This call is open to designers or anyone who would like to nominate their own work or the work of others.

Learn to Play broke ground as part of the 2010 01SJ Biennial whose theme was “build your own world”. Learn to Play Too acts as an extension that aims to expand the conversation surrounding games and life situations. The show is designed to challenge us to look at who and what we are.

Craft & Punishment asks the questions: Is there a dialog between art and craft in game design? Where does such a distinction lead? Is digital pain the new pleasure?

What can be submitted?

Board games, video games, social games, anything playable. Learn to Play Too and Craft & Punishment revolve around the idea of the museumgoer actively experiencing the work. Game assets and art that strongly references aspects of gaming are also encouraged. This is a “duel” call. We will determine which show works best with your submission.

Why is this happening?

The tools for game design are ubiquitous, and people are making compelling micro-games and vignettes in addition to full-fledged titles. The media has been democratized and outsides have become just as relevant as the industry insiders. This is a chance to nominate your work or something you have seen.

Who is doing this?

The Euphrat Museum of Art at De Anza College is hosting Learn to Play Too. The Art Gallery of Evergreen Valley College will be hosting Craft & Punishment.

How do you submit work?

Submit a link to significant documentation or a playable version (if it is a video game) to info@toplay.us

When are the deadlines?

Submissions are due immediately, final consideration will be Jan 15.

Information on the original show can be found at http://learn.toplay.us