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Passages Installation between France and Scotland

The Passages Installation developed at Media Lab Europe will be exhibited from the 9th to the 16th of May 2007 between La Maison Pop in Montreuil (France) and the Distance Lab in Forres (Scotland).
Passages is a public space installation that aims to connect intimately people in different cities. This installation presents the random passer-by with a moving and transiting experience where he/she has to engage the entire body to uncover the possibilities of a relationship with a stranger.
More info on the project: http://passages.superficiel.org
More info on the exhibition: http://www.maisonpop.net/article.php3?id_article50

At this occasion, a conference between Joelle Bitton, artist and co-founder of Superficiel.org and Wolk Ka, artistic director of Res Publica, digital Performance art Company will take place at the Maison Pop on Friday the 11th of May at 8pm.
They will discuss the new types of relationships emerging from the mediation of technologies.

Joelle Bitton