Altitude 1000: work from Brussels soil at audiovisual festival and on DVD in December 06

Altitude 1000 - Brussels Sonic and Visual Arts is a new initiative by Foton and Cimatics aimed to reveal the Brussels audiovisual scene. The project focuses on Brussels based artists who combine sound and image in a peculiar way: from vj's to media artists, from performance artists to installation makers. The Altitude 1000 compilation DVD and the accompanying festival in collaboration with Recyclart are the first results of an exciting search through the unique, yet fragmented Brussels audiovisual landscape. Altitude 1000 takes this fragmentation as its starting point and aims to make the diversity of the Brussels scene visible.

The festival runs from the 9th of December until the 16th of December 2006 at Recyclart. The program offers an ample selection, consisting of different, organically entwined traces:

Performances: Merlin Spie & Peter Van Hoesen (Margarita Production/Foton): "Strata" / Melanie Munt, Yannis Kyriakides & Martijn Grootendorst: "Co-inc." / Els Van Riel & Julia Eckhardt (QO-2): "DOUNDO" / Annemie Maes, Junior Vandebroeck & Masato Tsutsui (OKNO): "so-on/isjtar/ADSR-221" / Eavesdropper & Visual Kitchen: "Everything that Silence Breaks" / Elie Rabinovitch "Mind the Step" / Tzii & RKO (V-Atak): "Transit"

Installations / Expo: Altitude 1000 DVD / Code31/ FoAM & friends / Els Van Riel & Stefaan Quix / Kika / Kris Verdonck / Max Tilgenkamp / Pascale Barret

Film: 70’s & 80’s special, selected by Thierry Lecloux (Le plein des sens)

Meetings: Etcetera / FoAM / OKNO / Q-O2 / Bains::Connective / Real-Unreal: Olivier Meunier, Hans De Man & Baptiste De Bemels (Foton/Periactes)

Windows: the Recyclart workshops participate with filmic experiments, screenings and performances

Parties: a nightly double chapter (9/12 & 16/12) with acclaimed local live-, dj- and vj-acts, performing alongside international talents

The Altitude 1000 compilation DVD offers a broad selection of Brussels artists active within the audiovisual arts. The points of view are diverse: documentaries, performances as well as digital video art 'pur sang' are presented. This DVD includes works by Antonin De Bemels ("Au Quart De Tour"), Bent Object & FoAM ("Finalcall Supercrew"), Anouk De Clercq, Joris Cool & Eavesdropper ("Kernwasser Wunderland"), Kris Verdonck ("Duet"), The Dead Texan ("Glen's Goo"), Ewo ("Lullabies For The Warriors"), Eavesdropper & Visual Kitchen ("Locker"), Joel Godfroid ("Ergon"), Sarah Vanagt ("Little Figures").
The DVD is to be released early December 2006 .

Altitude 1000 Festival: from 09/12/06 until 16/12/06
@ Recyclart, Ursulinenstraat 25 rue des Ursulines, B-1000 Brussels. Info: +32-2-502 57 34; performances, meetings, installations / expo, films, windows = free; parties = 8 EUR