August 15th, 2006


Perform.Media is a transdisciplinary festival and symposium of creativity, theory, research and technoculture.
September 29th-October 14th, 2006
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Perform.Media presents a ground breaking first for Indiana University and the Midwest, with a festival and symposium creating intimate discussion, performances, gallery environments, presentations and workshops, both online and off. Perform.Media brings together artists, directors, writers, composers, musicians, DJs/VJs, researchers and theorists, in a festival and symposium, to share work and engage in discourse at the confluence of performance, new media, and technoculture.

Perform.Media traverses transdisciplinary territories in the collaboration and social feedback of creative/artistic work, research and theory. The festival and symposium will include experiments in live audio-visual improvisations, interactive and game
media, performance processes, mobile and locative works, mixed and virtual reality presentations, and 'all things newer media.