Unveiling Prog[W]res[tle]s: A Digital Narrative for Our Turbulent Times

In the past few days we've seen the world awash with pivotal events that echo the themes explored in a brand new project called _Prog[W]res[tle]s_. This digital narrative has been in development now for a good year and a half, and with the recent surge of the RN party in the French elections and the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Presidential Immunity, these developments make it an apt moment to launch a work that brings these issues into sharp focus. _Prog[W]res[tle]s_ makes its physical-Exhibition-debut at '(Un)Linked': the 2024 Electronic Literature Organization Conference Exhibition hosted by the University of Central Florida from July 15 - 18. If you can't wait that long [or prefer to experience it via a digital platform] dive into the project here [it's free for a limited time].