Curatron + Residency + Exhibition @ Aldea

  • Location: Aldea Center for Contemporary Art, Design and Technology C.Sundsgate 55 Bergen, Norway
  • Deadline: Nov 17 2022 at 8:11AM
1) February 2nd to March 17th for three artists, followed by a group exhibition opening March 16th and closing April 15th Aldea gallery

2) March 16th to April 29th for three artists, followed by a group exhibition in the Aldea gallery opening April 28th and closing May 25th.

Application Deadline: November 17th, 2022

ALDEA is an institution that aims to foster the creative ambitions of our open community. Professional grade workshops (metal, wood, digital fabrication), gallery, working studios, residency program and online cultural management systems are all part of our broad set of resources. Innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship across art, design, and technology are at the core of our methodical approach used to push creative boundaries.

The selected artists will be housed in a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment in downtown Bergen. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a large shared bathroom, and a living room.

Each artist will receive:

▲ A single room inside the apartment.
▲ Living Expenses 1,000 Euro
▲ Travel expenses maximum 500 Euro
▲ Shipping expenses maximum 200 Euro
▲ Production Fee 1,200 Euro
▲ Free access to the Aldea Workshops

In addition, the group will be given 250 Euro to employ a text writer for their exhibition.

The Curatron software system is used as our method to select the artists for residency. Curatron is an online software tool developed to involve artists directly in the curatorial selection process. Each artist applying for the residency can view the entire pool of applicants and select other applicants they would like to spend their residency with. Curatron then calculates the final group from every applicant's selection.

Note: The residency is not open for Norwegian residents. All payments based on the current exchange rate from NOK.

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