ONLINE: On Data Justice: Stephanie Dinkins, Surya Mattu, Jasmine E. McNealy and Tawana Petty in Conversation with Srimoyee Mitra

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Data-driven technologies impact countless aspects of our personal, political, and economic lives. How this data is sourced and utilized can perpetuate structural injustices or work to dismantle them. In this conversation, Stephanie Dinkins, Surya Mattu, Jasmine E. McNealy, and Tawana Petty will be joined by Srimoyee Mitra to discuss how data justice efforts have worked to undo systemic bias and discrimination and work toward a more inclusive, transparent and just world. From the injustices of algorithmic racism and predictive policing, to the radical governance principles applied in organizing and art, speakers will explore how both individual and collective efforts can lead us toward systems and policies that are more accountable and equitable.

This program is co-presented with Stamps Gallery, University of Michigan in conjunction with Stephanie Dinkins: On Love and Data.

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