2022 Sustainability Labs Now Taking Applications

  • Deadline:
    July 1, 2022, 4:07 p.m.
  • Location:
    Portland, Oregon

Now in its second year, the Portland Art Museum's Center for an Untold Tomorrow's Sustainability Labs are an NEA funded program that supports Mid-Career creatives working in Film, Television, Video Art, Gaming, VR, Animation, Podcasting, Immersive, and other forms of time based storytelling.
The goal of these labs is to focus on the individual rather than a project. Utilizing mentors, a life coach, and presentations from industry professionals and leaders, 5 select fellows will work on future goals and outcomes based on their creative aspirations. How might one pathway that appears to have closed simply be a doorway to another medium? How might the creative storyteller see their work moving from film to VR, or gaming to television, animation to immersive and so on? We understand the creative field to be challenging with fears of burn out and unpredictabilities, this is why these labs were created, to help makers be better prepared, so that rather than being on a path of a singular medium, the path is made up of many.
The initial part of the labs take place over one week in October in Portland, Oregon followed by 4 months of continued work with mentors and a life coach. They culminate in a presentation during our Cinema Unbound Awards in March of the following year.
Selected fellows will be given a $2500 stipend.
There is a $35 application fee, however if one does not have the funds available, they may reach out for a possible waiver or discount.
You can learn more at -
or contact ben@pamcut.org for further information.