Call For Works: Queer + Disabled Digital/New Media Artists for

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 15, 2021, 11:12 a.m.
  • Location:
    Online @ | Offline at ACMI, Melbourne Australia is calling for digital and new media works from disabled & queer identifying artists. Be part of the ongoing conversation about #QueerTech.

Curated by the artist collective and Midsumma Festival, works selected will be premiered online via exhibition on the website and offline at a special screening at ACMI, Melbourne Australia.

Now more than ever, queer voices are vital to a continued socio-political discourse surrounding representation in a digital landscape. showcases a broad cross-section of the innovative, poignant and queer-as-hell works emerging from diverse queer communities. Disabled voices, like queer voices, are marginalized, and queer disabled voices even more. Disabled artists are often overlooked in major landmark presentations and the discourse around accessibility of queer led events needs to be brought to the forefront. The queer community has many disabled members, several of whom feel left out of Midsumma events. This project is an opportunity to work with artists with disabilities to explore accessible modes of artistic presentation and creation. would like to highlight these artists and coordinate an online and physical show giving queer artists with a disability the opportunity to shine in a keynote Midsumma presentation at ACMI.

Artists at all stages of their careers and anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply.

Presented in partnership with Midsumma Festival

More info and submission at: