Online Course at ECC Performance Art: "Identity, Ritual, Resistance: Performing the Body in Southeast Asia"

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This course is dedicated to the theoretical and practical exploration of the 'body' as a political tool, site of resistance, and a place of devotion in performance art from South and Southeast Asia. Through selected readings and the discussion of case studies, the course provides an introduction to the history of body-based performative practices in regions such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, Iran, India, Pakistan, China, and Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, it investigates into the notion and the meaning of the body and performativity as a site of the (re-)construction of identity and the articulation of resistance against historical or political inflictions and censorship. It examines performative works concerning transnational developments, concepts or race and ethnicity, and trauma and loss. The course analyzes body-based practices such as ritualistic or mythological practices and their relationship to the shifting political and cultural landscapes of the region.

The course is geared towards scholars, curators, and practicing artists who want to gain a critical understanding of performance art from South and Southeast Asia and its underlying themes and concepts. Each week, participants are invited to respond to the key concepts and practices discussed in the course by producing a work developed against their own personal background using performance, video, audio, text, or any other medium.

Dates: November 1-22, Mondays 4-6pm CET
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