The Sublime 3.0: Fear and Awe

  • Location:
    at, the VR venue in Hubs Mozilla

That feeling of being at once frightened and in awe, insignificant but at the same time invincible, eternal but also very finite and ephemeral – that’s the paradoxical sensation of the sublime! And as we enter ever more uncertain times, both technologically and existentially, the feeling of the sublime casts a shadow on our future, making us both wonder in anticipation and worry in trepidation. What scary frontiers are ahead of us in this ever-digital world? And what fascinations await?

Curators: Deen Atger and MiMi Lamine

We are pleased to have in the show:

- Sandrine Deumier “Realness Intimate Garden” (2019), France  @sandrinedeumier

- Rebekah Boshan Guo “Being in a Sandstorm” (2021), UK  @Kah_gkah

- Sian Fan “Spore1” (2020), UK  @sianfan
- Valentina Ferrandes “Victory” (2019), UK  @valentina.ferran
- Bolim Jeon “In the Belly of a Whale” (2021), UK  @bol.lim
- Maria Judova “Everywhen” (2018-2021), Slovakia  @mariajudova

- Linda Loh “Beyond Agog ” (2021), Australia  @__lindaloh__
- Nicoleta Mures “Before You Wake Up and The Hymn of Fallen Dreams” (2021), Romania  @nicomures
S4RA “” (2021) @s.4ra

- Dalena Tran “Incomplete” (2021), US  @dalenaxtran
- Wes Viz “Linear Interpolation” (2021), UK  @wesviz