PLAY†PREY - Leila Weefur

  • Location:
    Telematic 323 10th St. @ Folsom San Francisco, CA 94103

PLAY†PREY is a gospel presented as a multi-channel film experience that recounts a relationship between God, the Church, and a queer Black child. The four-part film, and its accompanying architectural display, explore the playful impulses, innocence, and underlying violence implicated in the experience of queer Black children in the Christian Church.
PLAY†PREY: The Old Testament is an overture to the story of queer Biblical reclamation. This serves as the first installment to the immersive multi-channel film experience, PLAY†PREY: A
Gospel. As an accompaniment, the installation will feature a presentation of Wax Monument VII (The Cross), a sculptural offering by Sandy Williams IV.

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 9th, 6 –9pm
Wednesday – Saturday, 11:00 – 4:00
Monday and Tuesday, by appointment
Closing Reception: Saturday, December 11th, 2 – 4pm