Virtual Gallery: Virtual Reality exhibition of Artificial Intelligence shaped Glitch Art sculptures by Rudy Paganini /

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Welcome to the Exhibition which finally brings
Glitch Art to the Virtual Reality realm, and through the exploitation of Artificial Intelligence's errors.

This is pure Glitch Art, unexpected and wild, derived from experimentation with A.I. and its capabilities of interpreting and learning.
While setting a new level of interactivity toward Glitch artworks, here we investigate what A.I. can do to serve Art from a new perspective, that of its faults, giving it ideally an unseen degree of independence and artistic expression, since usually the machine is well (too much?) instructed to accomplish the purpose of crafting a (2D) work of art (that must please the human's eye...).

Artificial Intelligence's misinterpretation of spatial coordinates data from scansions of real life objects is the the mean by which these sculptures are shaped; the multiplicity of perspectives confers a unique form which often leads to Abstractionism.

Visit this avant-garde New Media Art event. Experience, live this unusual Glitch and A.I. Art.
Hook up your Virtual Reality gear for an immersive experience (computers and phones are ok too) and enjoy this exhibition produced and curated by Nigel Fogden from

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