is this just fantasy?

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In February 2020 Snake House VT invited artists Emily Lanctot and Tabitha Nikolai to create individual
personas to engage in a long-distance correspondence with each other and their work. This premise, predicated on fantasy and co-imagination, would have been realized as an in-person exhibition.

Now, a year in, we are inspired by the possibilities, imagined and unforeseen, in presenting these works online within a virtual space as the material projections of shared experiences. Beginning by embracing parallel realities and unpredictable collaboration, the artists propose ever expanding connections through relation, aesthetic and otherwise, imagining new forms of belonging.

Their expansive approaches to world making include fantasy, technology, and a compassionate attention to the infra-ordinary, touched by humor channeled through the absurd.

Although they embrace differing modes of production, their interests in re-imagining and co-imagining cultural rituals and social/historical narratives complement and correspond with each other, whether foregrounding gender identity, sexuality, or notions of place and home.

See you there.