Invitation To a Live Online Event Behind The Scene Of Artists-In-Residency Programs

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Let me invite you for the live online event and share insights into the artist-in-residency programs. The 45 mins long live event is organised by Temporary Space Berlin, an art networking platform. It takes place on Zoom on Friday 30.4.2021 at 18:00 Berlin time.

The first guest speaker is Paulus Fugers who runs SomoS Art House, an art organization specialized in artist residencies in Berlin. SomoS has been providing artists residencies for the last 8 years in Berlin. Paulus will talk about a development, day to day business of running the artists in residency program and application process.

The second guest speaker is Iria do Castelo who is one of the former residents at SomoS. Moreover, Iria also has run her own art residencies at Castelo Studio in a rural part of Mariñas Coruñesas in Spain over the last 2 years. Iria will share her experience as an artist in residency at SomoS as well as compare the difference in running a residency and taking a part in a residency.

While SomoS is located in a busy and arty part of Berlin, nested in a vibrant community of fellow artists. Iria offers her residency in an intimate space of her well equipped workshop.

Temporary Space Berlin is an art networking platform based in Berlin dedicated to research about origins, identity, position of women within our society, migration as well as helping artists to raise awareness about their art practice.

Feel free to sign up for the live online event!