PAF Olomouc presents: About Mirages and Stolen Stones

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This is the fifth anniversary of the flattening of the Earth… This audiovisual trilogy sits on the line between an impressive artistic image and a fictional documentary film. The story takes place in an alternative, speculative reality — the Earth has become flat for unknown reasons, causing a number of social and environmental changes. The voice of a female scientist guides us through the story, her initial professional diction gradually becomes an increasingly poetic statement, fully subject to new natural conditions… The fictional narrative is extremely strong in relation to the present moment; not only in the light of global questions regarding the fate of the planet, which is gradually but surely getting out of our hands, as well as conspiracy theories, growing (not only) internet surveillance and the distortion of reality, but it is also extremely overwhelming given the current global pandemic.

Natália Trejbalová: About Mirages and Stolen Stones, 18 min. 28', 2020
I. And Then We Cut the Ground from Under, 6’26’’, 2019
II. Where is When the Sun Never Rises, 7’46’’, 2020
III. “Once, Returning…” she said, 4’18’’, 2020

The video is produced by the artist and Case Chiuse by Paola Clerico.
Direction, Editing, Script: Natália Trejbalová
Cinematography: Matteo Pasin
Soundtrack and sound design: Matteo Nobile
Voice: Melissa Ghidini, Adele Altro
Colour correction: Matteo Finazzi