CURRENT SCREENSAVER: LaTurbo Avedon /Interlude, 2019/

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LaTurbo Avedon is digital artist and curator who is “digital” in the literal sense of the word. They are not a living person, but a virtual avatar. Nobody really knows who stands behind the identity, if it is an individual, a group of people or, maybe, artificial intelligence. And most importantly – it does not really matter. As Gazira Babeli, Olia Svetlanova or Lolita Guzman, LaTurbo is emancipated avatar without its physical referent, who made it quite successfully into the “real” art world. LaTurbo is exhibiting worldwide – and not only in on-line shows – since 2008/9. Many of LaTurbo’s works can be described as research into dimensions, deconstructions, and explosion of forms, emphasizing the practice of nonphysical identity and exploring topics of virtual authorship and the physicality of the Internet. LaTurbo’s process of character creation continues through gaming, performance and exhibitions.
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