Paid Artist Features - Emote Residency & Video Art Residency - Localhost School of Art

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 1, 2020, 2:12 p.m.
  • Location:
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The Localhost School of Art is a Discord-based artist community for sharing ideas, projects, and opportunities. It's just like regular art school, except it won't leave you with crippling debt and there's no homework! Localhost is now offering two month-long PAID artist residencies, The Emote Residency and The Video Art Residency. Both are FREE to submit!

~ The Emote Residency ~
Emotes / emojis are a core component of chatting nowadays. There is a largely untapped potential for creative output with emotes. Artists participating in this Residency will create four custom emotes. These can be interpretations of past work, political statements, entirely new ideas, or something else! The only requirement is that the artist create 4 unique 112x112 pixel pieces during the month. Selected Artists Receive:
- $50 USD
- Instagram Takeover on @localhostgallery
- Artist Feature on the Localhost School of Art
- Custom Emotes added to Discord for one year
- Mentorship and assistance to translate your ideas/art into Emotes

This residency is open to any and all artists or collectives making work of any kind!

~ The Video Art Residency ~
Moving images are, more and more, becoming the most common form of viewing. Artists interested in participating in this residency will be invited to share a current or past piece of 'moving' art. This can be anything from a 1. self-contained video piece, 2. documentation of a performance, installation, sculpture, etc, 3. an animation, or 4. something else! If the piece can be premiered on a computer screen and is time-based, send it over! Residents receive:

- $50 USD
- Instagram Takeover for @localhostgallery
- Artist Feature on the Localhost School of Art Discord
- Art piece featured at the beginning of every livestream at

The submission form can be found here: