De_Compose - Image Element/z + I[NFT]ALY

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I am happy to invite you to take a scroll through the two show projects I am hosting on my website as part of White Page Gallery/s.
De_Compose - Image Element/z
I[NFT]ALY - A community group show
De_Compose - Image Element/z
From the 14th to the 25th of Septempber 2020 in Rome and online took place a degree masterclass at Rome University of Fine Art (RUFA).
A selection of works made by students part of the masterclass are featured in this gallery.
I[NFT]ALY - A community group show
As cryptoz are becoming huge and Blockchainz are shaking the art world online and offline, what is the state of the art of Italian artists using NFT to market their works in the so called crypto art market? In this show are hosted the works by some of the artists part of the Italian crypto art Telegram group, Criptoarte Italia.
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