Dream Simulator, solo exhibition by Mahsa R. Fard @ Gallery.Institute

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Gallery Institute is pleased to present Mahsa R. Fard’s solo
exhibition, Dream Simulator. Dream Simulator is a solo-exhibition
made up of only two "real" paintings. The two paintings were
documented by Fard as she completed the physical and "real"
paintings. The resulting 17 documented layers are each treated
and presented as completed independent paintings. The 17
paintings are carefully positioned in a series of digital exhibition
rooms and can be explored online, room-by-room, painting-by-painting.

As part of the exhibition, an Artificial Intelligence (artbreeder)
was trained using the 17 paintings found throughout the exhibition.
In the lobby, viewers are first presented with a new Artificial
Intelligence generated painting. The viewer can interact with the
painting on display by generating a new painting in its place,
creating an almost infinite set of new paintings, just there in the
lobby. Created out of only two "real" paintings, Dream Simulator
offers a deep and vast exploration of the history and the future
legacy that lies in every image.

Mahsa R. Fard, is a painter currently residing in Baltimore, MD.
She often paints man-made large scale structures such as cities,
stadiums, and apparatuses. She tends to create a new association
by introducing unusual color and spatial relationships. Growing up
in Iran, she has always been conscious of the dominance of rigid
patriarchal gaze both in the public and private sphere. Accessing
public and private domains as a female requires subversive
strategies. Her imagery reflects a woman’s forced duplicitous roles
in these domains. Mahsa contemplates and practice these
strategies in her painting and writing through metaphors of
censorship, sarcasm, camouflage, cover, and disguise.