whitepagegallery.network/ruvodipuglia @ Linea Festival

  • Location:
    Ruvo di Puglia, Italy

White Page Gallery/s goes to Ruvo di Puglia for Linea Festival by Apulia Centre For Art and Technology.

We are happy to announce that White Page Gallery/s is landing offline reaching the streets of the city of Ruvo di Puglia thanks to Linea Festival.

White Page Gallery / s is a decentralized and distributed art network born in June 2019; it is an online network for artistic sharing made up of artists, curators, academies, festivals and cultural operators who independently and free of charge host other creatives' projects on their website. White Page Gallery / s assumes the social value of artistic curating: the latter, in the WPG / s network, is based on values ​​such as solidarity, hospitality, inclusion, altruism and mutual support, curating as taking care. A distinctive feature of White Page Gallery / s is the absence of hierarchies, gatekeepers and vanities: all those who are part of the network have, in fact, total and independent decision-making capacity with respect to the methods, times and artistic projects they choose to exhibit in their spaces online. The focus is therefore shifted from the work to the practice and from the artist to the community. The social message that the project wants to make is essentially that culture is fundamental, the culture of solidarity, union and inclusion against the politics of -exits, walls and armored borders. It is on these values ​​that White Page Gallery / s participate in Linea Festival, exporting the network and community model from the web to the city of Ruvo di Puglia. This will take place by directly involving citizens and commercial activities with the aim of making the project a common good and of social value, to spread culture in its various nuances and promote, through art, human relations and through these to promote vision and construction of a better future for our city communities, where citizens actively participate and are the essential resource for the well-being of the community. Bringing culture and art back to the center of a country's life.

The White Page Gallery/s taking part in this show are:
- anonymous waves WPG
- Blank Space Station WPG
- Detoune's WPG
- Do Something Now WPG
- Morphrame WPG
- forevermidi.com's WPG
- Gallery That Does Not Exists WPG
- Inanimanti's WPG
- Kard's WPG
- Noemata's WPG
- Systaime's WPG
- Unbleached WPG
- White Empathy Box WPG
- Windows WPG
- Altered_Data's WPG
- FuoriVisioni WPG

More about White Page Gallery/s here : https://medium.com/@Altered_Data/white-page-gallery-art-curating-and-human-values-8f119f4729e1

OFFICIAL EVENT ON FB : https://www.facebook.com/events/958548647888831/

LINEA FESTIVAL : https://www.lineafestival.it/

APULIA CENTER FOR ART AND TECHNOLOGY : https://www.apuliacenterfaat.it/