Notes Towards an Infinite Film Program II: Signal, Skin, Pixel, Camera

  • Location: Hallwalls Virtual Viewing Room

Curated by Laura McGough

“Notes Towards an Infinite Film” is a series of online screenings that surveys four decades of film, video and new media work created by Buffalo’s extended community of media artists. Channeling the spirit of Hallwalls’ physical video viewing rooms of yore, each program will be online and viewable for two weeks before being archived. Visitors are invited to spend time with individual videos and films, following the program Laura has curated or self-curating their own version.

The experimental works that comprise Signal, Skin, Pixel, Camera interrogate the material properties of film, video and digital moving images. The skin, or the emulsion, of film is reconsidered as cinematic image through hand-processing and chemical alteration. Software tools glitch and pixelate the digital image revealing its display elements. Image processing instruments foreground video’s noisy electronic signal. Rich, lush color is culled from the electronic eye of the camera. The resulting works offer viewers a richly sensual and haptic visual experience and entry into a unique conversation across decades of Buffalo film and video history.

Magnetic North, 1996/2007, 7 mins., 3/4 inch Umatic
Andrew Deutsch

HandMade, 2007, 6 mins., 16 mm film transferred to video
Vincenzo Mistretta

Sweepers, 2019, 5 mins., video
Tammy McGovern

— gh05T1ng —, 2015, 2 mins., Digital Video
Jax Deluca

Untitled #5 (From Nothing to Nothing), 2006, 7 mins., Super 8 film transferred to video
Brian Milbrand

Music for Voices, 1979/2009, 8 mins., 16mm film transferred to digital video
Barbara Lattanzi

Metamorphosis, 2010, 10 mins, Digital Video
Su Hyun Nam

Spore Print Film #16, 2016, 3 mins., 6mm film to digital video
Anna Scime

Bog Rushes, 1978, 4 mins., video
Hank Linehart

A Dialogue of Dissonance, 2016, 6 mins., digital video
Kalpana Subramanian

Aquamarine, 2018, 7 mins., digital video
Laura Kraning and Blue Kraning

Precession of The Simulacrum, 1988-2000, 22 mins., Video and Digital Video
Sara Hornbacher