School for Curatorial Studies Venice

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    March 3, 2020, 9:03 p.m.
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The School’s activities are meant for all those interested and passionate in art, graduated students or professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their practical skills.
The School’s teaching staff is formed by Italian and international professionals, scholars, historians and art critics of recognized experience.
Among them: Matt Williams (curator), Filippo Lotti (Sotheby’s), Chiara Barbieri (Peggy Guggenheim
Collection), Francesca Colasante (Pinault Collection), Andrea Goffo (Found. Prada), Nicola Lees (Serpentine)
The program:
The Summer School in Curatorial Practice will take place during the 17 th International Architecture Biennale Venice.
With an interdisciplinary approach, the course provides practical training and experience within museums and exhibition settings.
Its international faculty includes curators and museum professionals, artists and critics.
The course is designed to increase students understanding of the intellectual and technical tasks of the curator figure. English taught lectures cover both theoretical and practical topics that go from the history of contemporary visual arts and practices of exhibition
making, to Exhibition Management.
The students will participate in weekly activities, such as artist studio visits, tours of exhibition spaces, networking events and workshops.
The program culminates with the set up of the exhibition The Summer School includes visits of
specific art venues all over the city of Venice during the 17 th International Architecture Venice Biennale.
A series of selected case studies will offer the students an opportunity to observe the development of contemporary art.
The School’s goal is to align these specific theoretical lectures with a practical
approach. Besides the theoretical lectures, a series of laboratories and workshops aims to introduce the students to the work of critical text writing, press releases and to structure all the different aspects of publishing. The students will be offered the possibility of a gallery training and of setting up together with one of our tutors, their exhibition in Venice, as a final project of the course.
The first module:
June 3rd August 5 th , 2020
The first module involves 350 contact hours
1. History of Curatorial Practices
2. Exhibition Design
3. Aesthetics and Cultural Theory
4. Contemporary Art History
5. Cultural Events Management and Organization
6. Curating Exhibitions
7. Fine Arts Management.
8. Fundraising and Marketing / Workshop
9. Communication Strategies and Artistic Events Promotion / Workshop
10. Workshop on Critical Writing
11. Artist Studio Visits and Visits of the 17 th International Architecture Biennale
Optional: Trip to an European art capital.
August 7 th 12 th , 2020
We warmly recommend to take part.
Visit of an art city with many opportunities: private galleries, collections.
We will visit artist studios and public galleries and Museums of contemporary art.
The second module:
August 17th 21 st , 2020
The second module is dedicated to individual researching and finalizing the exhibition project. During this period of time the students will have to face practical duties, such as coordinating the artists, managing transportation and insurance policies, promoting and curating the promotional material.
The third module:
August 24 th September 1 st , 2020
The last part of the course lies in the production of the event. During this
period of time all the work concerning the final event will take place. The students will coordinate the arrival and the display of the works of art and supervise all the different aspects related to the event, such as promotion, organization, last details about the publication, opening.
After the presentation to the public, the student will be given the tools to professionally document the event.
Duration and structure
The course has a duration of 450 hours. The participants will develop themes as well as concepts,
organization, acquisition, communication and the concrete implementation of their skills together with the course director and international guests (artists, curators, architects, critics, fine arts scientists and publishers of art journals).
Application deadline
March 1 st 2020
The application form must be sent by e mail before the deadline (March 1 st 2020) of the Curatorial Program to:
Xac – School for Curatorial Studies San Marco, 3073, 30124 Venice
Tel:Tel:+39 0412770466
The application form can be downloaded at , where you can find more information about our curatorial program and your stay in Venice
The Summer school has a limited number of places available