Project name: Temporary Space Berlin

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 1, 2020, midnight
  • Location:
    Berlin, Germany

Call for artists

I am Berlin based curator who would like to currently expand my database of artists. There is no restriction on medium, age, location or pretty much anything. If you would like to become a part of you database as I am planning to organize Berlin based projects then feel free to click on the link below and fill the form.

Yes, I am collecting data but nothing too personal and on voluntary basis. The only required are name, surname and city as I would like to target local (Berlin) artists, the rest is optional but useful to have. If you are based somewhere else but still want to be part of my database, feel free to fill the form too. As I am happy to keep an eye on artists from all over the world.

I will not sell your data to any third party they are just for my usage. Occasionally, I would send newsletter saying what I am up to eg. preparing a show, exhibition openings, collaborative project, campaign or if I spot interesting open call. There is no financial gain in being part of my database. I don´t pay you to be part of my database and you don´t pay me. I will store your data as safe as I can.
If your artwork fits my proposals for projects then I am happy to include you. You don´t have to pay to be in my shows. I don´t have a permanent gallery I am more focused on pop up spaces. Current I am focused only on expansion of my artists database.
Please, fill only your own details and not information on behalf of someone else. Have a look on my website, so you know a little bit more about me.