Entropy Symbiosis

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Entropy Symbiosis /Simbiosis Entrópica

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia with the support of the Embassy in Berlin and the curatorial Platform Grey Cube Projects invites the opening of the exhibition "Entropic symbiosis."

"In thermodynamics, entropy (symbolised with S), is a physical quantity that for a thermodynamic system in equilibrium measures the number of micro-states compatible with the macro-state equilibrium. It can also measure the degree of organisation of the system, or that is the reason for an increase between internal energy versus an increase in system temperature. The term symbiosis (from Greek: σύν, syn, 'together', and βίωσις, bios, 'live') applies to biological interaction, to the close and persistent relationship between organisms of different species. "

This project gathers a series of works that respond to different treatments of the matter. On the one hand, we find pieces made with new materials and others where the aesthetic procedure, references other areas of knowledge different from the traditional art studies; instead, we propose a method of transversal research.

Therefore the works exhibited in "Entropic Symbiosis" are inviting the viewer to establish new connections and interpretations; to overcome the oldfashioned and hermeneutical discourse of the history of art. With this initiative, we intend to renew the contemplative experience and introduce a dynamic interaction with the artworks.

The entropy discovers magnitudes between different micro and macrostates. This extension of the materiality concept allows all types of Symbiosis, organic and synthetic; which disposition of elements implies a balanced and systematic organisation of the matter. The application of these concepts in the arts has contributed extensively to update the methodologies of transversal investigation in the last decades.

Technology allows us to overcome the obstacles that human perception can not categorise or understand. Transcend these perceptual limitations, is an alternative model for understanding the dimension in which we are immersed and recognise the existence of other forms of life.

In the atomic age, the matter has reinterpreted. This procedure allows us to perform various transformations and experiments. This way of manipulation is called "Molecular Aesthetics". Their applications in the art will enable us to understand the subjects of art at another level, both the categories and the ways of describing a piece of art will change considerably. Accessing unusual sources of scientific reference can expand our notions of interaction with the environment.

"Entropic Symbiosis" is interested in the existence of rare life forms, and the new interpretations of cellular and molecular configurations. Dimensions that we can not observe, still coexist in parallel. Although we cannot determine their territory of convergence with accuracy, ignoring their existence in our Universe will be futile.

For this reason "Entropic Symbiosis" invites the viewer to consider the existence of unknown forms of life. The artworks displayed are proposing the mutation and alteration of matter from a molecular perspective and thus be able to devise how we can erect a transition towards a planetary civilisation. This situation acknowledged by the broad range of modified, altered and synthetic replicated natures.

Johanna Arenas
Joel Grossman
Andrés Londoño
Carolina Villegas
Mario Vélez
Juan José García
Evelyn Tovar
Juan Melo
Carolina Amaya
Nicolás Cárdenas
Álvaro Lacouture
Alicia de la Torre
Santiago Andrés Torres
Álvaro Diego Gómez Campuzano

Curator: John Ángel Rodríguez

Pop Up Berlin
Köpenicker Str. 96
10179 Berlin-Germany