White Page Gallery's Launch

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I am happy to invite you to the first two exhibitions hosted online on two websites part of the #WhitePageGallery project. The works by Rudy Paganini are now on show on my website, mine are on show on his website. Why is this happening?
This is happening because we believe that private space as webiste can be a positive opportunity for becoming common grounds, shared space for exhibit art online, outside private gallery, public institution and especially social media. We can build nodes where sharing a space become a real and productive opportunity for experimenting new curatoria practices, networking, collaborations and support the work of the artist we like and love to work with.
Fancy to join in?
To read more about the White Space Gallery please go to this link

The shows will be online for at least two weeks.

Now, the two shows:

White Page Gallery 1
composition 731872 by Rudy Paganini (forevermidi.com)
Hosted by Dom Barra on his website.

An original SNES’ rom image had been deeply modified in its code and lead close to the point of non-executability, resulting eventually into a pure glitch generator. Creating abstract patterns endlessly, the program rushes in a romantic streben toward the infinite, beyond computations. Any form of audio or game logic had been lost in the process. The modified software went then executed through a console emulator, the video output recorded for the length of this video; no post editing alterations went applied, apart from a slight dimension resizing. Videogames’ modification is a practice adopted by digital artists and, for the most, gamers. On the art side, seminal is the work upon a Nintendo cartridge made by Cory Arcangel & Paper Rad for their Super Mario Movie (2005). Gamers too use to corrupt or modify roms to obtain almost unpredictable visual effects, and to experiment with playability.
The project features one video and 5 gifs

To see the show online go to this link http://www.dombarra.art/whitepagegallery

White Page Gallery 2
Non Compos Mentis by Dom Barra
Hosted by Rudy Paganini (forevermidi.com) on his website

The group of works takes and reflects on the altered states of the minds that can affect humans on different levels, often also induced by use and abuse of psycoactive substances and dreams. From a state of apathy and alienation (Alienated - 2014) to schizophrenia, bipolarism (Possesed - 2017) and Alzheimer, putting in focus also the effects that new media and social media can have on the human mind (One minute in the mind of a digital artist online - Emotional_Scrollacoaster). In this project the glitch, represented as the altered information contained in corrupted file formats that constitute the works featured in this gallery, becomes the metaphor of the altered state of the human mind, the machine becomes allegory of human's critical, fragile and unstable mental conditions. The project aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and as a channel for encouraging people to ask for help when needed.
The show features 7 images, 3 gifs and 2 videos. Glitched 3D rendering, databending, wild glitches from 2014 to 2018.

To see the show online go to this link

If you like to have a chat about the White Page Gallery project please contact me at rockmyworld@dombarra.art

Thank you so much and enjoy this new perspective about online space for art.