Open Call - Spring Self-directed Residency in Berlin

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 18, 2019, 6:02 p.m.
  • Location:
    The Residency is located in the borough of Friedrichshain, on the north side of the river Spree and formerly known as East Berlin. The apartment is 160 square meters. Inside the apartment, you will find a common working space of 35 square meters.

Berlin Sessions Residency announces an open call for a Spring Self-directed Residency in Berlin to take place during two months - March and April 2019. The opportunity is open to international artists, curators, researchers, creatives who would like to spend time on self-organized research, develop a body of work, use the city as a stage to connect, study and gain knowledge.

Time & Space is a module of Berlin Sessions Residency created to give an opportunity for a self-directed residency to two individuals. As an organization supporting mobility, we find it important to provide talented creatives with a chance to get to know a city such as Berlin and provide a safe environment at the entry stage.

Read more about residency costs and application procedure:

Deadline for the application is 18th of February (Monday) at 11 pm (CEST).

Time & Space is a module of Berlin Sessions Residency, a project by Andrzej Raszyk in cooperation with Berlinerpool Arts Network.