Call for Curators

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 30, 2019, 11:59 p.m.
  • Location:
    950 Dupont St., Unit 1, Toronto, Canada, M6H 1Z2

InterAccess is currently seeking exhibition proposals from curators with experience developing and presenting exhibitions of new media art. We invite proposals for curated solo exhibitions or group exhibitions that highlight critical approaches to emerging and experimental new media arts practices.

InterAccess is committed to supporting underrepresented voices in new media art. We welcome applications from curators from diverse backgrounds.

Please note the exhibition will take place in March – April 2020.

All submissions must be sent digitally, and should adhere to the following submission requirements:

Exhibition proposal

In a single PDF file, we ask applicants to include:

-An exhibition proposal (250 words)
-A CV (2 pages)
-A list of support materials* (e.g. images, video, audio) with description of content
-You must include your name and the exhibition title in the PDF name. (Example "YourName_ExhbitionTitle.pdf").

*Notes on support materials:
You may submit up to 10 items of support material—including jpegs, URLs, videos—that demonstrate previous curatorial projects and/or artworks to be included in your proposed exhibition. Please limit video selections to 5 minutes in length (include directions and time-codes in the support materials list) and jpegs to 72 dpi. Please limit total size of support materials to 10 MB. You must title each support material with your name and title of your exhibition (for example, "YourName_ExhibitionTitle_jpeg1.pdf”) and have them correspond with your list of materials.

Sending your submission

You can send your application to us in one of the following ways:

-Email to (or other file share) to

About InterAccess
Founded in 1983 as Toronto Community-Videotex, InterAccess is a non-profit gallery, educational facility, production studio, and festival dedicated to emerging practices in art and technology. InterAccess’s mission is to expand the cultural significance of art and technology by fostering and supporting the full cycle of art and artistic practice through education, production, and exhibition. Annually we execute multiple exhibitions, a full curriculum of skill-building and critical theory workshops, and a broad range of discursive events that explore the impact of technology on the social, political and cultural aspects of contemporary life. Our studio space facilitates the circulation of skills and techniques required to produce the work we exhibit in our gallery space.

InterAccess Gallery Hours
Tuesday - Saturday, 11am-6pm
Open until 8pm each Wednesday
Admission is always free

The facility is not accessible. There are five steps up to the main entrance, which has double doors. Once inside all facilities are on the same level. There is a single-user washroom inside the unit.