Latest Leonardo Journal - In Focus: László Moholy-Nagy

Wanted to share the most recent Leonardo journal release with you! The Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Harvard Art Museum, and many more institutions and contributors helped enrich this special journal issue.

Inside the latest issue:

In Focus: László Moholy-Nagy
This special section of Leonardo grew out of a deep examination of the artist’s work over the course of the past several years, conducted by art historians, conservators and conservation scientists on the occasion of these major exhibitions of his work. The contributors to this section have placed special emphasis on research that offers new ways to interpret the materiality of Moholy-Nagy’s artwork, seen at times under high magnification, as chemical formulations, as objects in transition and under duress.

Scientific Delirium Madness Gallery
What happens when you join artists and scientists together for one month? This journal features an introduction by Margot H. Knight, Executive Director of Djerassi, and a gallery showcasing a selection of Artist’s Statements stemming from the 2016 Scientific Delirium Madness (SDM) residency. SDM is a collaborative initiative of Leonardo/ISAST and Djerassi Resident Artists Program.

Additional articles explore a new look at aboriginal bark paintings, tech art, breathing practice, research methods, knitting time, and more. READ: