concert: Alex Mendizabal / Ferran Fages

  • Location:
    Ex-Designer Project Bar. Entença, 3 (Metro Poble Sec or Plaça Espanya). Barcelona.

Alex Mendizabal (Donostia, 1961) deals with pause and silence. His works include blind films, poems soaked with sound, concerts in movement or underwater music. Alex will perform one of his renowned battimenti, using balloons and whistles to invoke psychoacoustic phenomena such as Tartini tones.

Ferran Fages plays guitar, acoustic turntable and an assortment of objects and electronic devices. He has performed with musicians such as Derek Bailey, Joan Saura, Francisco López, Pablo Rega, Phil Niblock and Rhys Chatham, among others. Since 2003, Fages has focused on composition for solo guitar. Nowadays, Fages plays in several stable formations like Cremaster (with Alfredo Costa Monteiro), Fages-Barberán-Costa-Monteiro Trio and Fagus (with Pascal Battus). Fages will open the evening with an electroacoustic set.

Friday, 19.05.2017, 20:00h