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Workshop in Pure Data at BEK.no

Pure Data Workshop with Malte Steiner, July 24-25, 2004

Pure Data (PD) is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing, originally developed by Miller Puckette. This workshop is aimed at beginners and will include installation of PD/GEM, serial control from a microcontroller, building of a basic sound patch and introduction to GEM (an OpenGL and video extension for Pd)

Pure Data is a free software and can be used on Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 32

Malte Steiner (Hamburg), media artist, programmer and developer. He has been developing interactive art installations using PD, MAX/MSP as well as projects for theater, web and mobile phones in Europe and in Asia. Steiner is also an electronic musician with performances in South America and Europe with his Elektronengehirn project. He has been holding workshops and lectures in Germany, US and in the UK.

more info:
Eva Sjuve
Director of Sound Arts

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Bergen Center for Electronic Arts
phone: +47-55233080

The workshop is supported by PNEK, (Production Network for Electronic Arts, Norway) http://pnek.no/