Adjunct Instructor Positions at Marymount Manhattan College

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 20, 2016, 9:12 a.m.
  • Location:
    Marymount Manhattan College, Upper East Side, NYC

Spring 2017 Adjunct Instructor Opportunities in Sound & Digital Media Production
The Department of Communication and Media Arts
Marymount Manhattan College (Upper East Side, NYC)

All courses are 3 credits and meet once a week for 3 hours. Times are set. Courses will have 10-15 students. All courses pay $3532 for the semester. Applicants must have a Masters degree or MFA completed to apply; PhD welcome but not required. College teaching experience preferred. (We are unable to hire instructors with degrees in progress, unless they are PhD candidates who have already completed a Masters degree.)

Please send CV to Sarah Wright - if interested and indicate which course(s).

COMM 225: New Media Techniques
Tuesday 7:20-10:01pm
In this course, students learn the tools and techniques of New Media production. As students hone foundational technical skills, they consider the cultural and expressive implications of using a variety of new media forms, including hypertext, games, maps, augmented reality and virtual reality. Students create a portfolio of projects to explore and refine the relationship of form and of content in new media, while simultaneously gaining an understanding of the building blocks of digital projects. Students build a solid foundation of competencies to support professional production values. Our themes will include: nonlinear storytelling, play, interactivity, participation, site-specificity and immersion.

Syllabus provided. Instructor must be very familiar with Photoshop and have basic knowledge of html/css and able to pick up new media software (though these do not require coding). This course uses TextWrangler, Scratch, Mapbox, Aurasma, and v360 VR. Templates and training for instructing course projects provided.

COMM 347: Integrated Media: Mobile Media
Thursday 2:30-5:20pm
This media production course is taught with different themes. The theme for spring will be mobile media. Projects must be accessible to students will minimal coding experience and no computer science background. This course should also include readings and professional examples for students to analyze and apply to their own creative process.
Syllabus not provided. School will purchase necessary software licenses. There are iPads available for in class use.