• Location:
    The Games Europe Plays - BODY<->TECH The Stephen Lawrence Gallery University of Greenwich 10 Stockwell St, London SE10 9BD The exhibition is open to the public 7th July - 26th August 2016
. Tuesday-Friday: 11am-5pm. Saturday: 11am-4pm

Exploring our body from its hidden micro bacteria to its digital incarnations, The Games Europe Plays – BODY<>TECH takes a playful look at how digital technologies are helping us to heal but can also disturb our well being. Presenting the works of interactive artists and game makers from the UK and continental Europe, the show envisions how we will inhabit and take care of our virtual and physical bodies in the future.

Join us this summer in Greenwich to meet A.I (artificially insane) avatars, enter the whole genome sequencing of bacteria in virtual reality and re-balance yourself through play.

Go on a journey where your body, mind and senses will be guided and confounded. Are you ready to explore the uncanny valley?

With: Anna Dumitriu with Alex May (UK), Ivor Diosi (Czech Republic) , Marco Donnarumma (Italy), Blast Theory (UK), Designwarm (UK) and Grendel Games (Netherlands)

‘BODY<>TECH engages in a debate in Europe around gaming and interactive works that represent our bodies and minds. Showing projects both with social purpose and artistic intents the works in this exhibition display a way of being in a new world – where the inside moves outside, the digital helps the physical, virtual and physical intimacies merge. The Games Europe Plays – BODY<>TECH reflects on potential digital physical “bodies” of the future’ Ghislaine Boddington (curator, body>data>space)