M->Orphic Journal June vol 3 addendum

syllepsis- touching upon fate behind the scenes- abbraciari: grasp, comprehend limit…
I suppose answering an answer as good or bad as answering a question with a question:
Between lim ( limit) limming->drawing->motions sensor drawing//: what would be an appropriate limerick?….art etymologies, Cubist masks of cyber space (Boolian sets) how can one find the ghost guilty or innocent within the Pas de deux mental machinae?
What are the architectures of architext linking local syllepsis to cyber abbracciarie between immersion interaction and generativity. Where is redoing genesis not already a work in progress… how can one use interpolation and interpellation to cure the addiction to “points”…? Is the collective subconscious deliberately buried to constitute a found object? How does one constitute a subject within the palimpsest of definitions towards natural?. How discursive is discourse? How allied are the alloysis of psychological colloids the matrix of topological rhetorics towards the transdisciplinary particularization of morphime to radical as artificial to usage and chords strings –threads of virtuality and constitution of subject towards a naturalness within cruel theatre and the palimpsest of kindliness of kinds? Is oscillation current ghost of contexts per subject object traces?